A very big well done to you both for completing your workbooks in the holidays.

11 responses to “Well Done Elena & Cassian!”

  1. Shaakira K.

    That is really good

  2. Xavier M.

    Well done both of you .

  3. Aamina B.

    Well done great effort!

  4. Safiyah P.

    Well done both of you

  5. Jack L.

    Well done I’m nearly there

  6. Kayden-Shai R.

    Well done both of you 👍

  7. Raumaan A.

    Good job

  8. Leena N.


  9. Head Teacher

    Your English is getting better and better. This is because you put in lots of effort at home. Well done, you deserve success.

  10. Anya D.


  11. Laura P.

    Well done to you both excellent effort.

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