We’re All Vertebrates!!

Some of the children from Year 4 have been identifying the different categories of vertebrates with examples of animals that fit into those categories. Enjoy their amusing video and then answer the question beneath the video.

Can you list the 5 different types of animals that are vertebrates (for example mammals) and then suggest 2 animals that fit into those categories (for example a human and a rat).


30 thoughts on “We’re All Vertebrates!!

  1. I enjoyed taking part in this activity because it helped my confidence skills.

    Mammals – cows ,elephant
    Birds- canaries, bird of paradise
    Reptiles- cobra,lizard
    Amphibians- Crocodile,Poison dart frog
    Fish- white tipped shark,salmon

  2. The types of animals are fish,which swim in the water as you know,amphibians,which can live in land AND water,reptiles,which can ONLY live in land,birds which are light,have feathers and beaks, and FINNALY mammals which feed their babies milk and live in land.

  3. The 5 animals that are vertebrates are Rabbits ,Frogs,Snakes,Swan,Shark,Lizards ,Cow .Fish and Reptiles,mammals, amphibians and birds are all vertebrate.

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