What a lovely week Reception White Class

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Well done Marwa Haji for great teamwork – always making the right choices in the classroom and supporting her friends to do the same.

Well done Zain Ali for the super work certificate- staying at an activity doing independent and accurate cutting.

This week we have talked about school rules and looked at all the friends we have already made since starting school. There has been lots of counting and super letter recognition.


Weekend Challenge

Can you count the leaves in each row?

Which row has more leaves?

How many more leaves do I need in the bottom row to make it the same as the top row?


7 thoughts on “What a lovely week Reception White Class

  1. Lovely to see you here Zain, Bolu and Qasim. I am going to have to put some trickier maths on here as you are very good and answered the questions correctly – well done 😊

  2. Seeing you Marwa and Zain in reception receiving a certificate makes me so proud. You were super nursery stars, NOW you’re super reception stars. Well done 🌟🌟

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