What are mammals?

Today your task is to understand what features mammals have.
Follow the link below and read the interesting facts about mammals and answer the questions below.


1) What 5 features do mammals have?
2) Are humans mammals? How do you know?
3) What other animals are mammals? How do you know?
4) What more would you like to find out?


Key vocabulary:
warm blooded         vertebrates       tetrapods            hair/fur
       respiration                  reproduction        humans





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  1. The five key features that a mammal needs are:
    Hair or fur

    Also, another feature is for females to give birth to live young. Females have to produce milk for their babies to feed them.

  2. The five main featurss mammals have a skeleton behind there skin,limbs,brain,
    spine,fingers and toes.We are mammals because we have same things as animals.Tiger,African Elephqnts and African golden cat.I would like to find out further information about mammals such as where do they come from and how they live with different other mammals?

  3. Mammals have vertebrate Skelton spine, warm blood ,tetrapods limbs , furry hair on their bodies and respiration live young.

    2. Humans are mammals because we have all the five features that animal or mammals have.

    3. Some mammals are rabbits,dogs,cats monkey and bears because they all have the five features such as hair and warm blood.

    4. I would like to
    Find out about are we reptile.
    Gautam and Alishba

  4. The 5 features that mammals are arms,legs,feet,toes and skelanton.
    Humans are mamaks because a long time ago we used to be apes and then one day we evoled to humans I know because if you look at a ape and us you see a slight simularet

  5. 1)The five features are vertebrate spine , warm blood , teraprods limbs legs and arms, hair and fur, respiration lungs.
    2)We are mammals because we have the five features that a mammal has .
    3)A bear because it has a skeleton warm blood leg and arms hair and fur lunges
    (Reproduction live young . Female produce milk.)
    4)Why are we mammal ?
    Why does mammal have to have the features.

  6. 1. Mammals are warm blooded creatures
    2. Humans are mammals because they breath air and they have lungs like us
    4. I would like to find out how humans are mammals?[

    Areeba and Ali

  7. Some of the features that mammals have are fur,respiration,warm blooded and vertebrate.Humans are mammals because we have the same features and give birth to babies.Monkeys are mammals because they give birth live young not in a egg like birds. Also female monkeys produce milk.I would like to find out how mammals are produce live young.

  8. Females bring young babies from tummies and and in there tummies they stay for 9 months.
    Female feed young babies milk. Harrith and Adam

  9. What types of Mammals are there?
    Mammals are animals who give birth without egg’s such as bears and humans.
    Mammals can be found almost anywhere in the world.Mammals come in all shapes and sizes. Most live on land, but there are a few that swim or fly.They are all like each other in two important ways. Mammal mothers produce milk to feed their young and all mammals have hair on their bodies.

    6 importamt features which help you to identify mammals are;
    Warm blooded
    Hair and fur
    Tetrapods (limbs/legs/arms)
    Respiration (lungs)
    Zade syed

  10. 1. The 5 features that mammals have are vertebrate, warm blood,tetrapods, hair/ fur and respiration.
    2.We know that humans are mammals because mammals give birth to there children but some animals are not mammal because they lay eggs.
    3.Elephants , giraffes, monkeys, Tigers and fishes. We know that these animals are mammals because there mother gives birth to them.
    4. I would like to find out how mammals walk in different ways. I would also like to find out mammals sekelton.
    By Sanna and Tiya

  11. Mammals have paws jaw and some mammals have claws they even have big round eyes. Human is actually mammals because they live in land and we both swim . Human and mammals both have bones.

  12. Females preduce milk to feed their Young.we have hair growing from our skin.we can also swim and live on land.some humans can be warm blooded or cold blooded.when we get older are bones grow bigger and we grow older and bigger.we can be good or bad depending on our behaviour.we have teeth muscles and bones we can eat veg and meat that means we are omnivores.

  13. Mammals have 5 features such as:
    Or fur
    Humans are mammals because reproduction is the same as in humans and mammals.I know this because i found out on bitesite website these facts which are about mammals.
    Other mammals are:Monkeys,Rabbits,Cats and dogs. I know this because I learnt this in year 3.
    People and animals are mammals,mammals and people are warm blooded.

  14. 1) bones , teeth , hair , muscles , lungs .
    2) yes because we both have the same fetters in are boady .
    3) pigs are mammuls because lay have lungs like other mammals .

  15. The five features a mammal has is a very brilliant structured skeleton in their skin and we have two pairs of limbs,a spectacular pair of arms,legs,toes and fingers.Humans are mammals because we can swim in water.Bears and polar bears are mammals because they can paddle in water just as we do.I would love to learn about inside them so we could learn about the carbon,blood,brain and also the spinal cord.

    We have toes,arms,legs,fingers,spine,eyes and head.

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