What does genre mean?

Today in English we have been learning what genre means.

We sorted a variety of books into different fiction and non-fiction, and then into genres.

What does genre mean?

What  are the three purposes of why books are written?

Here are two book covers. Can you answer the following questions?

What genre are the books and why do you think this?

What is the purpose? Explain.

Who is the intended audience?

3 thoughts on “What does genre mean?

  1. Genre means type.
    The purpose means what it is for.

    I think both of the books are to entertain and the genre are adventure because tthey go on journeys.

    I think he intended audience is everyone because they are both good for adults and kids

  2. HARRY Potter
    I think Harry potter’s genre is fantasy.Because it has mythical creature’s like dragons and the setting is in a place that would not be real it has magic wizards and witches.
    I think the purpose is entertainment, because it keeps readers intriged to keep reading more.
    I think that the intended audience is for children and familys of ALL ages.

    The wizard of Oz
    I think the wizard of oz’s genre could be adventure,fantasy ,musical andirector family. Because it has people like scarecrow,tinman,lion,wicked witch and the flying monkeys,and they all can talk but in real life none of them could talk.
    I think the purpose of this book is entertainment the same as Harry Potter.
    I think the intended audience is for children.

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