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  1. M.p’s sort out problem. They also try to improve people’s concerns.They get elected in order to be an M.P. . They have parts of the country to look after.

  2. A role of an MP is to provide our society useful stuff to help our society neat and well presented.As a cittizen we have to support them and help with litter.

  3. Mp jobs looks hard because they have to look after a part of Coventry. Mp get elected most of the time and to be voted you have to be over the age of 18 and if you are not over the age of18 you can’t be voted.

  4. A M.P makes the world a better place by solving all our concerns. The also try to improve children’s education. In order for them to be a M.P they have to get elected, the way how they are elected parents have to vote who they want to be our M.P. M.P’s all have a part of the country , like a slice of a cake. There are 650 M.P’s in the country.

  5. The role for a Mp is for them to look after the community and make sure there is no problems or no consernese or the country would’nt be a safe place to live in.Mp’s are elected to become a Mp they each have a place to look after there are also three Mp in Coventry.Adults elect important people who will do a good job to make the community safe.There will be an election on the 7th may 2015 2 pm

  6. I think it was a good idea to give it to the office because the person who lose it had got it back and if you lose anything you might get it back and also it was a good idea to give to the office.YOU SHOULD NOT SPEND IT !

  7. An MP has a very important job to do,and his job is to listen to people who ask them to do it.Fot an example they might ask for more litter bins in Foleshill because there is a lot of litter.

  8. The role of an MP is to represent the people of a place like Bob Ainsworth represents the people of Foleshill because 10,000 people of Foleshill can’t go running in the House of Parliment shouting over each other so that everyone gets deaf!!!!!!

  9. The roll of an mp is very important.Bob Ainsworth’s said to us that each
    Person geats a part of Coventry.its like a piece of cake and each person
    Gets an equal amount.

  10. A mp job is very important they have to solve people’s problems and take care of there community to make sure everything is ok and nothing is wrong.

  11. MP’s have a very important job because they need to care for all the people that they are in charge of. They also help us make a city nice and clean and make it as good as it can be. Their purpose of being the MP is to make our city the best and make parks, streets and roads nice and clean. MP’s get elected by people pwho think that that person would be the best MP’s for our city and they get a list of people who would want to be an MP and people choose who they want to be an MP. People around Coventry vote for the best MP and they send the votes back to the parliament and from the parliament they decide who would be Coventry’s next MP. The responsibilities that an MP would have is to take care of our city would get the best thing ever which such as hospitals,police stations.

  12. An M.P is a person who takes the role of looking after there 3rd of the city.They get elected by people over the age of 18 going to an election to vote or they send it by a letter.They support there own party for egsample Bob Ainsworth’s party is labor.

    -Azariya, M.Ally and Plaiza

  13. An MP’s role is to care about their part of the country.The MP has the purpose and the role to talk about the people in their area. MP’s get elected by people’s votes, people’s votes matters for the MP’s. MP’s have different responsibilities such as,
    care about their people in their area, sorting the litter problems in the street and many more.

    By Fiza, Simran and Astrid!

  14. The role of a MP is important because you get lots of areas to look after. The MP’s get elected when over 18’s get to vote for who they want to become their local MP.
    The MP’s do things important in their areas they get lots of jobs to do.Bob Ainsworth is one of the best MP’s because, he looks after the streets of Coventry.They have lots of different responsibilities to do.

  15. An MP is a person who takes care of the community. They all have a different role . They talk in meetings and try to get as much possible done. When you write letters they would reply and give and powerful answer back. There purpose for being hear is to look after the community and help out. If there was no Mp the place would be not as nice. Like there was a new hospital built and it was very expensive. We could of not got that if we did not have them.

    There way they get elected is that there is a little shelf and you have a choice who to chose. The reason is that there is a paper saying people name who you choice. You do a tick if you want them is you do not want any of them you scribble the page. No one can see you and you fold it up. At the end when every one is voted they would count how many people got elected and they would win.

  16. Mp’s help the community in different ways such as having more litter bins, helping kids have education.Some adults get voted to be an Mp and they have responsibilities and you should trust them to keep our city clean and safe.The purpose of this is to keep our society well presented

  17. Mp’s have a piece of the city to develop there area for example help to expand the walsgrave hospital.The purpose is an mp is that they make the area a better place and give it’s luxuries.

  18. What do MP’s do?
    An Mp is a member of parliament . Each Mp has their own area. Bob Ainsworth had North East of Coventry.

    What is their purpose?
    Their purpose is to help our Comunity.

    How do they get elected?
    They get elected by coming up to people’s houses and telling them how their going to help our area.

    What different responsibilities do they have?
    Each Mp has their own responsibilities which is chosen in Parliment.

  19. MP’s have a part of a city and they try their best to look after it. They make sure that people don’t make the area dirty. They improve people’s education. Bob Ainsworth is Foleshill’s MP. He makes sure that Foleshill stays clean. At elections people get voted to be a MP when a MP quits. Bob Ainsworth is quitting this year and on May 7th 2015 there is going to be an election for there to be another MP.

  20. MP’s jobs are to represent there area. They get elected by getting votes from people over the age of 18.There purpose is to listen to people’s conceners about there local environment . MP’s make stuff to improve there area. They are elected by grown up’s.MP’s, can quit there job and stand down.

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