6 thoughts on “What makes a good citizen? 4 White Explains.

  1. Telling an adult if someone is a hurt.
    Listens to the rules.
    Use their manners.
    Is kind to everyone.
    Plays whith people who are lonely.
    Helps them when they struggle.
    Care for other people.
    Is honest.
    Listen to the teacher.
    Doesn’t litter .
    Doesn’t break things.
    Picks rubbish of the floor

  2. To make a good citizen you have to be:
    Be respectful
    Be honest
    Clean up
    Listen to the teacher
    Do not be unkind
    don’t litter
    If someone is lonely and they have no one to play with let them play.
    And always stay happy.

  3. To be a good citizen you will have to do is this :
    • Say manners.
    • Pick rubbish off the floor.
    • Help people .
    • Care for people.
    • Be respectful .
    • Be kind .
    Don’t do this if you are a good citizen:
    • Do not litter .
    • Don’t care for only you .
    • Don’t steal.
    • Don’t join a bad gang .
    • Don’t ruin someone else belonging.

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