What makes a good friend?

Today in PHSE, 3 Red  held a circle time and discussed friendships and what makes a good friend.

The children each had a turn to say what they think makes a good friend and they all had brilliant ideas!


What makes a good friend?

Can you tell me a time when someone was a good friend to you?

How does it feel when your friends are kind to you?

26 thoughts on “What makes a good friend?

  1. Challenge
    To make a good friend you need to be a good listener and be there for one each other. Help and guide one each other and be very trustworthy.

    When I was at the playground my friend Yaha came to me and said come and play with me that felt to me very happy.

    I feel happy and special that friends play with me because it makes the place safe and relaxing environment.

  2. A good friend dose not fight or the person will get hurt
    Yesterday everyone was a good friend to me
    It makes me feel so so happy when they play with me.

  3. If someone is buy there own you can ask them if you want to play with me.
    When I was bye self someone came to me and said do you want to play with me.
    I feel happy becase when they play with me.

  4. 1. When they struggles to do they work.
    2. When I was a baby 👶, My mum was me but my brother, my sisters and my dad I don’t know they were.
    3. 😀happy.

  5. What makes a good friend?
    A good friend is when you are trying to make friends and you say yes.
    When I was alone so was Elle she came up and said can you play whith me and I said yes.
    From Jacob and Yalda

  6. Challenging:
    When you help someone or if you’re playing with them.
    When someone comes up to you and talks to you.
    We feel happy 😃 and joyful 😃.

    By Siddra and Merab

  7. A good friend is when you help someone and play with them.
    When my friend was playing with me when I had no one to play with.
    I feel happy 😃 and not lonely.
    From Timothy and Raihaan

  8. A good friend is someone who helps you and plays with you.
    A long time ago my friend was Raihaan and he still is my friend.
    I feel good when friends are kind to me.

  9. 1. A good friend help people that fall down.
    2. In year 2 Musab,Timothy and Raihaan played with me.
    3. It makes me feel happy and excited.
    Shabaz and Esra

  10. To be a good friend ,if someone is alone you can play with them and be a superstar.when I asked if I could play with them they said yes you can.
    It makes me feel proud and it’s like they’ve got success to me am feel amazing 😉 to everyone that I can do with them and it’s amazing thank you 😊 Broadheath and miss Frankish I’m very thankful to everyone.

  11. When someone has hurt themselves I will take them to first aid.
    When Saanvi helped me with my work and played with me.
    I feel very happy.

  12. He or she was only and it was your frenied or it wants your frenied still can help get up broze 1.
    in september kia was really kind to me and he play whith me on the playgroud and the avdture playgrond to play whith your frenied siller 2.
    happy lovey smilely happynes you want be sadyoy we a happy about your frend and be repcful to other gold 3.

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