What were 5 Blue doing?

I was taking the Behaviour Books back to each class and noticed something happening in the studio.  5 Blue were in the studio with a large ball of orange wool.

I initially went in to ask them what they were doing but then decided they could blog their responses as they may prove helpful to others .

So 5 Blue what were you doing?

17 thoughts on “What were 5 Blue doing?

  1. We were making a friendship we got a piece of string we had to talk about ourselves so we know more about each other.It was really fun to do because we know more about each other so yeah.

  2. We were doing team building activities were there was a ball of wool and when it was thrown to you you tell everybody something about yourself.

  3. The person who was chosen with the orange ball of wool would tell the the whole class about them so we get to know each other better and then they would chose a person, throw it to them, then they would do the same.

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