What would you do?

This week a wife watched, as thieves ran over her husband, in a car they had taken from outside their house. The man died. The car was a luxury Audi 3. Today the police have arrested someone for the incident. What would you say to those accused if you were the judge and had to sentence them?

27 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. You are a cold blooded person you have sinned against your own and now you will suffer the consequences of your deceitful actions you will live in his shoes and waste your life in PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You selfish,discusting, ignorant being now get out of my sight.

  2. Who would do that ? They should be in prison for most of their life killing some one that did nothing to the man and should pay full amount for the car. And we should help this notion grow better because there are evil people in this world and we don’t need that here.And the judge should know better and sentence him for most of his life you can not kill a man and steel there car and only be in jail for 3 years.

  3. Why would someone do that? Why do people like that don’t have hearts.What i believe is that if people don’t have any heart they should start to change or just get out out of the peaceful community we are in.

  4. This irresponsible action needs few words to describe it and I see the only fit sentence to be a fine of 750K going to the family of the man and life in prison. This brutal murder is such a heartless crime that he deserves to live the rest of his life away from civilisation.

  5. There are no words to describe how senseless this was.One wrong decision can take away somebody’s dreams and hopes and breaks many hearts.I think the car should be taken away and should spend sometime in prison depending is he has learned from his mistakes.Also,I think he should give some money or say sorry to the wife because that is the least he can do.Violence is never an option the power of the pen is stronger than the power of the sword.

    • Wow it is great that you are using words I have said to you all the time about the power of the pen. Your words Omio prove this is the case.

  6. If I was the Judge I would say that the accused thieves must pay the mans car fee , which should be at least £28,000 , to the Man who died Wife. He should also pay for the man’s life insurance as well as spending 6 years in jail for commiting 2 crimes in 1.

  7. My heart is felling devised to all his family those cruel people than ran over his should get a life sentence because we don’t need cruel , nieve and evil people in our community in fact the hole world . Come on everyone we need to stay strong and remember violence is never the answer.

    • Yes I too feel pretty low about it. You are a caring individual Nicole and an excellent British citizen. It takes people like you to stand up to evil people.

    • Is 2 years long enough when they have destroyed another person’s family? Are you saying we all make mistakes and therefore he has served his sentence and should be free to start again?

  8. If I were the judge I would sentence them 3 years for committing burglary because he stole a car and accidentally killled someone whilst doing it and take their drivers license of them so they can be banned from driving.

  9. I would say that they should sentence five years in prison. The reason is two years for killing someone and three years for thieving as that person has already committed a crime by theiving. But I would only do that IF, we had concrete evidence. While he are finding evidence, we would let the man go but would keep him under surveillance just in case.

    • Like how you have justified 5 year sentence, I would say what about the impact on the family who have lost a husband, a son, a brother etc?

  10. The people who were the thieves should get arrested because they did something really wrong so hats why they should be in prison. And they ran over the poor man . They should have 15 years of prison .

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