What’s in the Egg, Little Pip? RD Homework

Our story next week will be ‘What’s in the Egg, Little Pip?’  Can you listen to the story and answer the questions?


Red Group and Orange Group. 

Little Pip was getting a new brother.  How do you think Little Pip felt?  Write a simple sentence saying how she felt.

Yellow Group

When the egg started to crack Little Pip said “All that work, for nothing.”  Why do you think Little pip said this?  Write a sentence to say why Little Pip said this.

Blue Group and Green Group

Little Pip wanted to go with mummy and said, “I’m too little to help. I’m still your baby.”  Why do you think Little Pip said this?  How do you think she was feeling?  What made her feel like this?  Write a sentence to say how she was feeling and why she was feeling like this.


Red Group and Orange Group

Can you draw an egg shape and decorate it.  What does that shape look like? Can you describe the shape of the egg?  What words would you use to describe the egg?

Yellow Group

Ask your grown-up if your can hold an egg.  What can you find in the house that is heavier?  What can you find in the house that is lighter?

Blue and Green Group

Ask your grown-up for an egg.  Be very careful and measure how tall and how wide it is.  Write your measurements on the blog.  What do you notice?


Can you and your grown-up blow and decorate an egg?  If you can and bring it in the best one will get a prize from the prize box.


18 thoughts on “What’s in the Egg, Little Pip? RD Homework

  1. I think pip felt really excited because now he might have someone to play with and he also might even have to help him with his homework when hee is big.

  2. little pip she was jealous about the new egg, she felt sad about the new egg because she thinks her family is perfect with just her and her parents.
    my egg is 7cm tall and 5cm wide
    i noticed that not all eggs are the same size

  3. Literacy

    1) Pip wasn’t sure whether she’ll get a new brother or
    sister because of the egg, she couldn’t believe that
    someone could be inside.


    1) The egg shape is ” oval”. And that shape is called
    an ” ovoid shape”.

  4. Literacy

    Little pip said he wanted to go with mum because he wanted to go fishing with his mum.

    I think she felt jealous because his mum was having another baby, but his mum told him that he would always be her baby too.


    My egg was 4cm tall and 3cm wide.

    I have noticed that it is hard to measure an egg because it is round and my ruler is not bendy.

  5. Little pip felt that becouse mum and dad talk about egg all the time and tell her that soon she is going to have a little brother or sister.that why she thinks that she is not baby anymore.
    egg measurements
    i have noticed that eggs are not in same sizes

    • Super work Hamza. Your right, eggs are definitely not the same size as each other. Can you find and measure two eggs and see if they are the same size?

  6. I like this blog Mr Harwood. I haven’t read this book before so I will be asking some reception children next week what is it about. I hope that reception enjoy What’s in the egg, Little Pip?

  7. What’s in the egg, little pip?


    Mummy thought pip could help dad keep the egg warm as pip had grown up to be responsible. Mum had a lot of confident in pip, but pip thought he was still a little baby.

    Mum reassured pip that she was still her baby and no matter what both mum and dad will love both of them

    My sentence:

    I think mum and dad think pip is old enough to help them. That’s why in the story mum explains to pip that she can help dad keep the egg warm and safe.


    I have measured the egg. here are the measurements of the egg.

    Height: 5cm.
    Width: 3cm.

    I have noticed it very hard to get an accurate measurement as eggs come in different shape and size.

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