11 thoughts on “Where does our food go?

  1. I never knew how the food goes through are neck but now I know that I how it goes through the part that the food goes through is called an Oesphagus and I never know before that you had Canines,Molars,Pre Molars and Insicors but I never knew Wisdom but now I know.I know that the digstive system main parts are Large intestines,Small intestines,Oesphagus and Stomach.

  2. Hi Miss Ahmed
    Before I knew that we had 3 types of teeth called canine, incisors, and molar but now I know that there are 2 more teeth called wisdom, and premolar.

  3. our food go into tummy we eat food then swollwed it to our thoat then to our tummy it become poo. i did know before that we eat food to oue tummy and become poo

  4. Hi Miss Ahmed,

    Before I didn’t now what was a Oesophagus was. However now I now what a Oesophagus is.A oesophagus is a scientific word for throat.I now know what the 3 types of teeth which are called canines, molars incisors

  5. the first part of the digestive system is your mouth , oesphagus ,stomach that sotts your vitamins and mineruls ,liver,small intestines, large intestines ,rectum then finally your anus.

  6. 4A I’ve got some rather interesting questions for you to answer…
    In total how many teeth does an adult have?
    Which is missing?, Molars, Premolars, Canines and …….
    Also 4A is the pancreas found at the front or the back of the stomach?
    Here’s a tricky question, try doing some research for this question, estimate how big in cm is the pancreas.
    Good luck!!

  7. Before , I was knowing that food gets digested in the stomach. But now I know the small intestine also contributes a lot.I also know that pancreas , gallbladder and liver secrete digestive enzymes which helps in digestion . Epiglottis separates the food from the wind pipes and pushes it into long tube called oesophagus. I also know that lever is the largest organ in human body.

  8. Hi miss Ahmed

    Before all I knew was that the digestive system made things easier to eat. Now I know that food goes through your mouth, Then it slips down the Oesophagus after that it goes to the stomach; Now it softens up into a liquid by acid breaking the food, After that it goes through the small intestines then to the large intestines. After all the goodness is absorbed the waste then might go through the anus or the Relum. The things you are teaching us are very interesting. Thank you Miss Ahmed.

  9. Hi Miss Ahmed,

    Before I thought that our kidneys were where we have got our stomach . On the other hand , now I know that we have a long tube called Oesophagus, I know that we have our stomach in our left hand side, I know that when we get older if we drink alcohol we will ruin our bladder, I know that our sharps teeth are called Canines.

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