5 thoughts on “Where has Mrs Rullay been?

  1. I think Mrs Rullay is in Dubrovnik which is a City in Croatia, I know this because there is a restaurant in Dubrovnic called Dubravka here are some facts that I have researched: The Population: 42,615 (2011)
    The Area: 21.35 km²
    The Weather: 19°C, Wind SW at 4 mph (6 km/h), 49% Humidity
    The Local time: Sunday 14:25

    Facts about their language The official language until 1472 was Latin. Later, the Senate of the Republic decided that the official language of the Republic would be the Dubrovnik dialect of the Romance Dalmatian language, and forbid the use of the Slavic language in senatorial debate. The Gospari (the Aristocracy) held on to their language for many centuries, while it slowly disappeared.
    Although the Latin language was in official use, inhabitants of the republic were mostly native speakers of Slavonic languages (as confirmed[clarification needed] by count Pyotr Andreyevich Tolstoy in 1698, when he noted “In Dalmatia … Ragusans … call themselves Croats”[16]). The Dalmatian language was also spoken in the city.
    The Italian language as spoken in the republic was heavily influenced by the Venetian language and the Tuscan dialect. Italian took root among the Dalmatian Romance-speaking merchant upper classes, as a result of Venetian influence.[17]

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