Where the Wild Things Are Year 2

Hello Year 2!

Using the the adjectives word bank, can you write some sentences to describe the monsters using expanded noun phrases?

Ladybirds and Spiders-Try using subordination in your writing.  (As, When, Because, Although)

Bees and Butterflies – Remember to make your sentence openers interesting-try starting your sentence with an expanded noun phrase.

CaterpillarsUse the correct punctuation-capital letters and full stops.

37 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are Year 2

  1. The monster was as gigantic as a bear. It was covered in thick fur with red and orange stripes. I got scared when I saw its long,sharp fangs. Its eyes were scary and huge. The noise coming from the monster was very loud and terrifying. It sounded like an earthquake. The monster’s tail had sharp spikes and was very long. It also had very chubby feet with long dirty nails.

  2. The wild monsters were huge,scary they were fury and really scaly in forests 🌳 🌲
    . Max was weird and accting like the beasts but he actually dreamed that he was one in a forest by dreamin

  3. Have you ever seen a wild thing before?It has large,pointy claws, thick,wiry and black hair and orange,soft 👃🏾.When Max arrives on the island, the terrible, chubby monsters wanted to play games with him. Although Max went 🏡 after days and months, his delicious, tasty supper was still hot.

  4. Have you ever seen a monster because if you do don’t go next to it. The monster has big sharp teeth. The monster is very bad and large. He looks like a big fellow and it is very mean and cruel. Although the monster is very mean and cruel it still wants to play with Max. As Max sailed away for years , his delicious, scrumptious supper was still very hot. When he arrived back home happily, he ate his supper all up.

  5. As the wild things stalk you you can see their bright yellow eyes and their bright,sharp yellow teeth are really sharp and good for gobbling people up. If you are up to mischief you will make the wild things smile and you will be their majesty .
    Although the wild things sounds good and nice they’re actually bad and want to gobble you up and you will be sorry for leaving your room without permission.Because the wild things have furry hair they can go out at Winter .The wild things have scaly legs and the wild things look like snakes .

  6. Have you seen the wild things ?
    They are large and soft and terrible .
    They have sharp horns and long chubby arms and legs.
    The wild animals have yellow round eyes 👀.

  7. Have you ever seen something wild ?
    A monster is hairy and has yellow 👀 s.
    They’re also disorganised (weird).
    He’s also wearing a 🧡 top.
    Monsters are rough and it also has a smile 🤗.
    Monsters are also huge 🧟‍♂️.
    They’re also stripy.
    They’re soft.
    they’re terrifying

  8. This wild thing has sharp white claws and a colourful yellow and orange body.
    And he has black soft hairy head . He he’s yellow eyes and he had a weird shaped nose. He has a big wide mouth and sharp pointy teeth . And the wild thing has short scaly legs.he has a black thick tail and two gigantic horns on his thick black hair. It isn’t a normal thing. The wild thing has yellow hands and long nails .

  9. Did you see a wild thing ?A wild thing has sharp,pointy teeth it has a worm,cosy jumper it has stripes.They have long,scale legs it has sharp claws and sharp feet there noes looks like a potato he has a round face and a chubby cheeks,fluffy face.

  10. Have you seen a wild thing before?it has sharp claws and sharp teeth it has black
    Hair. It has two yellow big eyes and he has a nose that look like an potato 🥔 it has a huge head

  11. He has big yellow eyes and a gigantic smile on his face. He has scaly legs and he has two sharp horns. He has black hair and it is soft. He has 4 sharp claws on both of his hands. He has really sharp teeth and he might pretend he is evil. He has a chubby face he’s terrifying watch out he might eat you.

  12. Have you ever seen a wild thing before? Because they sometimes can be very very dangerous and they have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sharp claws so be very careful because they can get you 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠

  13. Have you ever seen a monster before?
    Well let’s find out he has big large claws on his hands and feet he has an orange and yellow jumper and he has bare legs but it is decorated in patterns his nose looks like a potato 🥔 WHATCHOUT here comes a big loud roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr whoa now that is the scary

  14. Sorry 😐 would you like to meet the Mostar.
    No he has big sharp teeth and a striped shirt.
    A big thick berd and yellow ese.
    He have scayly leg,s.

  15. Because the monster has sharp teeth to bite.
    The monster has scaly legs to be protect his legs.
    They have light eyes to see and they all have a jumper to keep warm.

  16. The monster has a big fat orange 🍊 nose 👃 and it has a big head and hair is
    all around it.
    The monster has teerbale yellow sharp teeth it also has sharp claws and sharp
    toenail and it also has yellow fire 🔥 eye 👁 it has a top .

  17. Have you seen a wild thing before? Well it has huge claws and a stripy jumper ow and a gigantic nose and yellow google eyes and round head and sharp teeth . Ow and he is horrible because he can smell you ow and he is ease to find him so beware of the eael wild thing.

  18. Watch out for these wild things!
    They have a big fat head and tall sharrrp horns !
    They also have a potato 🥔 looking nose 👃!
    They have large yellow eyes 👀
    And he is wearing a stripy orange and yellow a shirt 👕
    and he is not wearing a trousers 👖 then you can see his scaly legs
    You can see his sharrrp claws on his legs and hands

  19. Have you seen a wild thing before? I have they are so furry also scary . The feet don’t even have something over his legs you can see there scaly legs. WATCHOUT he is big. He has two big yellow eyes 👀 and he has two sharp horn.

  20. You have never seen anything scarier? It’s not an ordinary monster it’s a monster with a big hairy head and scaly legs with terrible sharp claws and horns,big teeth and more things to find out.

  21. Have you ever seen a wild thing before? You won’t believe your eyes!
    It’s definitly not an ordinary person…IN FACT ITS A BIG CREEPY MONSTER!!! Beware of its sharp pointy claws because they are very painful, same as his horns. First you will notice his big head with thick, black, wiry hair. He has a orange stripy shirt. Bye

  22. This is a monster which isn’t a ordaniray monster which has sharp,pointy teeth and huge,thick horns!Trust me you wouldn’t want to meet this monster!Do you think it has trousers well bad luck it doesn’t even have trousers if you think that it has!Instead it has slimy scaly legs!A bit like a mermaid.Also it has a funny crazy potato nose!His yellow striped top covers his hands. I mean which type of monster has that!But the think is nobody knows if the massive creepy monster is friendly or not…..

  23. Did you ever saw a wild thing?
    When you go in a boat be careful ware you go! Because the wild things are out you know! WATCH OUT!His nose looks like a potato 🥔 be careful because if you see them be careful because they have veeeeerrrrrrrry sharp claws AND teeth olso a orange and yellow jumper.It has bright yellow eyes it has sharp horns.

  24. The monster is not too friendly but scary at the same time.
    He is definitely not wearing trousers but he’s wearing a peach and orange jumper
    He’s has slimy scales.
    On his head has two white horns that are extreamly sharp.
    Be careful if your near him he may get make you in danger.DUN DUN DUN
    He is load Woah stay back!

  25. Did you see a wild thing before?Do you know how a wild thing looks like?Just hear this information.A wild thing has a large round face with fluffy wiry hare all around the face.It has long sharp horns and if you touch it ,it will straight away bleed.The body has smooth shiny peach and orange skin.The feet’s are covered with scaly shiny.It has has very sharp claws that can scratch you really hard.

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