Where’s my Teddy?

We have been reading the story called ‘Where’s my Teddy?’. The children have really enjoyed learning about it.

They made puppets of the characters in the story and used adjectives to describe them. They retold the story using their puppets and by acting it out themselves.

We are working hard to develop our speaking and listening skills to use loud clear voices.

Well done 1 White!

7 thoughts on “Where’s my Teddy?

  1. Eddy was sad when he lost his teddy, he went to the forest and when he was there he said i am scared i want my teddy and want to go to bed. There he seen a bear and said how did you become so big and cuddly.
    retold by romeesa

  2. Eddy was scared in the forest. It’s dark and scary. There was the bear and Eddy says: ” A bear” and a bear says “A boy” then swapped Teddy’s. They then go to bed and they snoggled and cuddled to their own beds.

    Umar also says that he really enjoyed the story. He liked the bear, Eddy and the big teddy and the little teddy.

    Story retell from Umar.

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