Who can we lean on?

LO: To identify who we can turn to when we face a problem

Today we have been learning about how we can work with others to overcome obstacles. One of the many ways we can do this is by confiding in somebody that we trust!

If you were feeling upset in school or at home, who would you turn to to help you solve a problem? Why?

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  1. If I was upset at home I would tell my dad or mum because their parents and they can deal with serious stuff but if it’s not serious at all I could deal with it myself.

    If i was upset at school I would tell the teacher I would never ever fight back because I will get in more trouble than the one who bullied me because if someone is rude to me and I say something back I can hurt their feelings more than they did to me.On the other hand,If some one really hurts me I can either speak to my teacher,mrs Raja-khan or mrs Frankish but if it is someone who says to me silly or naughty and says unkind words to me in a silly way then I should just ignore it and walk away because if I stay there and argue, it could end up really bad it can even end up as a real fight and someone for example can break my arm or I could accidentally break their arm.

    P.S. Never fight back IF it is SERIOUS than you can tell the teacher but if it is NOT serious WALK AWAY DO NOT argue because it could end up as a fight.

  2. Home
    If I had a problem I would tell my mum or my brother as there the people I trust the most then other family members.
    My brother
    If I wanted to play something on the phone with someone I would ask my brother as he is the best age related person to play with me games and I wouldn’t ask my mum this question

    My mum
    Say I had a problem with something and I really needed to tell someone I would tell my mum as she is the best person to ask.


    If it was something silly I would tell my best friend that something happened however if it was something serious I would tell a teacher that I trust and that can sort out the problem .

    This can me go from
    😕. To this. 😀

  3. If you were feeling upset in school or at home, who would you turn to to help you solve a problem? Why?

    I would turn to my best friend,mum,dad or older brother to help me solve a problem because I know they will console me and try to the best of their ability to help me for example if I am stuck with homework my best friend and I do it together when she comes to my house or even my older brother as he has more knowledge but if it was a more emotional issue I would take permission from my mum to let me go to the park and calm myself down or even just treat days with my dad. If I felt unsafe or upset in school I would tell pastoral and my teacher.😋

  4. I would tell my friends if something had upset me because I know that they would be able to cheer me up and make me feel happy again. If it was an incident at home I would tell my parents and I would also talk to my cat because she makes me feel happy and I like to talk to her and she purrs in my ear 🐈🐱

  5. I would rely on the dinner lady when we’re outside because they can help us out when we have problems that they can fix. Examples of problems they can fix are when someone is lonely and no one lets them play games, the dinner ladies can come fix the problem. When someone has hurt you, you can tell the teacher or the dinner lady and they can help solve the problem.

    When you are bored at home, you can either ask your siblings or parents to play with you. When you’re hurt at home, your parents can help and treat the wound you have.

  6. I will turn to my parents when something bad happens l would go to them because they can help me with everything bad happens or l have an issue like somebody bully’s you everyday or somebody keeps on starting a fight with you and you keep getting told off and you keep on getting in the behaveya book l would tell my parents about it and they will sort it out.

  7. If I was sad for example my friend didn’t want to be my friend anymore and I got sad. The thing I would do is that I would tell my parent or the teacher and then they will help me and make me smile . So whenever you are sad or lonely maybe you should ask someone so then they will help you make you safe make you smile . You should always do the right things.

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