Why are parables important to Christians?

This term we have looked at several Parables and today I would like you to complete the challenges below;

Which parables was your favourite and why?

What message do Christians learn from this parable?

Which messages have been put across through these Parables?
Why are parables important/useful to Christians?

Why are parables important to Christians? 
Please write your answers using P.E.E.

Key vocabulary:
Jesus   teachings     parables      love     faith    honesty 
trust     lord    selfish    unconditional love   caring

24 thoughts on “Why are parables important to Christians?

  1. My favourite parable is the house on the rock because it teaches a lesson about listening.To have belief and listen to advise.These parables are important because they are stories that teach us things like in school.
    Abdi and wali

  2. My favourite parable Is the prodigal son when he went to the village and then he wasted all of the money on everything he seen he buyed a really bad horse and a monkey that took his money

    Dawson &dielli

  3. Bronze
    My favourite parable is The house on rock because I think it is funny when the boy runs off to get the materials he needs to build his house.Parables are important to Christians because it sends messages to Christians how to act also how to react.
    Bailey and Destiny

  4. Bronze
    1.)My favourite parable is (The house on the Rock) because it teaches me interesting things and the message is important and is similar to our religion.
    2.)Christians message from my favourite parable is follow each other’s advice is will keep you safe.
    1.)Important messages have been put through these parables and useful.
    2.)It is important/useful to Christians because it protects them and will be a right decision to make.
    from fatimah

  5. The house on the rock is our favourite parable because it teaches us to trust people and god and to listen to their advice. The othere parables teach us about not being greedy and to help others.

    Hasan and Mohamed shanab and Muhammedluut memo

  6. alesha:
    My favourite parable was about a story that Jesus and he told us a it was called progical story and its about tow sons and one of the son says dad I want to go somewhere and be rich .
    The house of the rock.
    This story is about two little kids that see a sigh and it says you should build in the rock not the sand .then one boy done on the sand and the other one done it one the sand. But one day it rained and the bult on the sand .
    Thank you for reading our work
    Shiam Ali Alesha

  7. Bronze
    My favourate parable is The house on the rock because of the disgen that one of them made . The disigen was that the smart person did the correct thing.

  8. GOLD- Parables are important to Christians because they tell you what to do in life and how you should look after yourself. Also,you can find out the moral of the parable,the meaning and the message of the story.
    SILVER-Parables are useful because people can learn from it.

  9. GOLD
    Parables are important to Christians because it teaches them a lesson. Also, it teaches them how to behave. In some parables, it tells them to trust each other and be honest.
    In the Good Samaritan, there is a hidden message which is always help people when they are hurt. In the prodigal son, it teaches a lesson by telling them to forgive each other. The house on the rock teaches them to always trust people and signs that you see.
    Humaira Haris I and Zeid

  10. Bronze
    My favourite parable is the hour on the rock because it is funny.
    The message is telling you to listen to other people’s advice.

  11. My favourite parable is the The Good Samaritan because it teaches us to help any one,Christians learn to always have faith in God.They also learn to care for other people and never to fight because you would have a sin if you do so.And if you help someone you get a reward.Christians want to gain this certain goal.

  12. Gold
    Parables are important to Christians because god wants Christians to not be selfish because they’ll go to hell.The prodigal son is about when one son left his home and buy evry thing he saw. The house on the rock is passed around because always litsen to god .linda,reece

  13. Bronze
    My favourite parable is the prodigal son because it will benefit people by showing forgiveness to people who be unfair to others.
    This parable shows how to be nice to one another No matter What the cause
    The message is that you shouldn’t be selfish you should be forgiving
    From Sanaa and Isra

  14. Gold
    P.Parables teach Christians how to be kind , helpful and forgiving.
    E.This is evident in The prodigal son.A father gives his irresponsible son money so he can go to city to spend money.The irresponsible son didn’t spend his money wisely.Eventhough the irresponsible son did not spend his money wisely,his father forgived him.
    E.This message is important for Christians because it teaches them how to forgive and love people.
    The messages that parables carry are to forgive,help,care and listen to God
    My favourite parable is The House built on rock because it told me to always listen to God and never disobey. The message Christians can take is to always to be kind and forgive people.
    Zaid and Jay

  15. The messages that Jesus is trying to say is that to be Very kind and honest but Jesus does not want us to be very slefish like The Prodigal Son. We are saying this because one of that sons from The Prodigal Son wanted to buy every single thing that he saw. Parables are important because they guide the Christians how to live their lives properly such as The Good Samaritan because they always helped even though they had different faiths,culture,religion and countries. SILVER challenge.

    Bronze challenge

    Our favourite parable is The Prodigal Son because it teaches us how to forgive each other and it even teaches us to not be greedy. To message is that to learn the teaching of Jesus’s parbles.

    From Nana and Tiya!

  16. Our favourite parable is The prodigal son because it tells us to be forgiving and loving our families and never leave them.Christians learn from The prodigal son to love families,friends and to trust everyone.The message is to listen to God and not do what ever you like.Parables are useful for christians because there lesson is to follow Jesus rules. For example build the house on the rock.


  17. Bronze
    The house of rock because ,it teaches you to trust God and if you don’t
    then something bad will happen.The Christian learn from this parable Is
    to trust faith in God and forgive.
    The message is not to be selfish and learn the teaching of
    Jesus parable.

  18. Silver
    The message that has been put across through these parables are forgiveness, trust and worship. The message that Christians learn from these parabls are how to live a successful life. For example, the prodigal son was about forgiveness because the father knew that his child would come and he would forgived.
    If the Christians listen to the words of God they would have a succeeding life. Parable are important to Christians because they maintain the teachings of God.

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