Wii Club

Hello to everyone in Wii club!

I hope you’ve had as much fun in Wii club as I have this year!

For anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to attend our club, do you think you could tell them why Wii club is so great!?

What is your favourite game? Why is Wii club so much fun? How does it help your learning?

I look forward to reading your comments!

Wii boxing movie


11 thoughts on “Wii Club

  1. Hello MR McCabe those fantastic comments from sabiren and ojasvi, makes me think that when I come to wii club it might be fun and it would have great games

  2. Hello, Mr McCabe!! I want to tell you about my opinions, for Wii club!!: )

    I think Wii clb is really cool!! It has loads fun games and good controls. The game I like playing the best is Wii boxing, especially with Aminta, because she mostly wins and I want to try my best and beat her next time!! Also Wii boxing keeps you fit and healthy because you have to move around a lot!!

    My mum saw the video of me and Aminta playing, my favourite Wii game and me and my mum both liked it!! Now the only one left to see it is my dad, I think he’ll like it tooooooo!!!!

    That’s all I wanted to say!!

    Bye!!!!!!! : )

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