Winter poems in 1E!

Last week in literacy we were learning about poems. We had different lessons developing exciting vocabulary to use in our poem. We used a winter video as inspiration for our writing, creating a visual which helped to extend our vocabulary further. Some of us looked at how poems can rhyme sometimes and used rhyming in our poems.

Watch the video that inspired us!

We created some magical poems. Have a read of some written by the children in 1E, what do you like about them?

image image image image


What exciting adjectives did you or could you use in a winter poem?

What is a rhyming word?

Can you think of any words that rhyme?

3 thoughts on “Winter poems in 1E!

  1. Wow!, 1E your poems are fantastic…I am very impressed with your work Nadia, your writing is very beautiful. Ayesha I love your peom but what do we use at the start of a sentence? Also at the end of a sentence?…come on 1E sparkle like shiny stars. Remember your capital letters and full stops

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