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Reception World Book Day Gallery – 4.03.21

Hello Reception and Welcome to World Book Day!

Today it is World Book Day and the Early Years Team have been busy looking for different book characters around the school and dressed up in their favourite book characters to read you a story.

Have a look at the Reception Team video below:

Now let’s have a look at all the fantastic costumes and work that you have been doing today.

Reception Red

Reception Blue

Reception White

If you have not sent a picture of your costumes please upload via the links below.

Reception Blue – Click Here

Reception Red – Click Here

Reception White – Click Here

38 responses to “Reception World Book Day Gallery – 4.03.21”

  1. Amelia R.

    I have sent in pictures of amelia but nothing has been put up..

  2. Sarah B.

    Sarah’s picture has been uploaded.

  3. Latifa A.

    Latifa has sent her pictures

  4. Huzaifa S.

    I have uploaded pictures for Huzaifa.

  5. Maryum N.

    I will upload maryum video

  6. Amelia R.

    Amelia picture has been up loaded

  7. Amina I.

    Good afternoon I have sent Amina picture dressed as elsa.

  8. Denisa M.

    Deni sent her photo.

  9. Tala I.

    I upload Tala picture

  10. Jasmine P.

    I sent jasmine picture

  11. Muhammed I.

    Ibrahim send the picture.

  12. Oliver N.

    Pirat Oliver send the pictures by sharepoint

  13. Kayla P.

    Kayla has dressed up as Tinkerbell today. Her photos have been uploaded.

  14. Sulaiman A.

    Sulaiman uploaded his picture.

  15. Hasnaa N.

    Hasnaa Zenat Shaheer work being send

  16. Mustafa A.

    Uploaded mustafa’s picture

  17. Shayan S.

    Hi teacher I upload shayan pictures.
    Thank you.

  18. Evie T.

    evie enjoyed the video of everyone dressed up, i will upload her picture now

  19. Zakariyah A.

    Zaks picture has been sent in

  20. Iqra A.

    Iqra has uploaded her pictures.

  21. Emraan A.

    Emraan’s pictures has been send.

  22. Ella C.

    Ella has uploaded he picture.

  23. Warizah I.

    I have upload warizahs picture

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Well done!😊

  24. Syed A.

    Happy world book day everyone I’ll upload Aqsa pictures

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Well done Aqsa!😊

  25. Muhammad U.

    I have sent Bilal picture.

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Ok great!😊

  26. Adam O.

    Happy world book day everyone!
    We have uploaded pictures of Adam in hi costume.

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Well done Adam!😊

    2. Iqra S.

      happy world book day

  27. Dominik B.

    I have sent Dominik’s picture

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Ok well done Dominik, what character have you dressed up as today?

  28. Amelia R.

    I have uploaded 2 pictures of amelia of Cinderella it wouldnt let me put her name in when up loaded its says gemma toogood

    1. Mrs Carter

      Amelia looks so pretty in her dress. I hope she has fun all day in her princess dress. After you have read the story, you could enjoy watching Cinderella the movie too! 🙂

      1. Amelia R.

        We will try Amelia has took her outfit off already because she is cold she will put it back on for the zoom call 📞

  29. Mrs Hameed

    Hello Reception can’t wait to see your super outfits!😊

    1. Mirr A.

      I have uploaded

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