World Book Day staff book swap!

Adults in school embraced the opportunity to broaden their reading horizons by bringing in a wrapped book to school and exchanging for another! The secrecy of the wrapping meant that they received a book which they possibly would never have chosen themselves! Here are some of the ”book reveals” which some adults did in front of the class! We look forward to hearing what you think of the books and hope this could be an annual event! Happy reading!

40 thoughts on “World Book Day staff book swap!

  1. Well done and I like swoping my books it’s because I can know more books and get more information and one of the books I have read is the one that is my favourite my favourite book is about a hedgehog that crosses a road and bumps into a bicycle and then the hedgehog says things like” I am where”? And he gets back to normal and it looks like you all love your books really happy right now.
    And I also like swoping books because I know more information and I’ll find words I don’t know then type it up then I’ll use it in school.
    I’ll use words I don’t know and I’ll just find more.

  2. I think Miss Jephcott’s book is really dark in her book because a child goes to an adventure in the dark.
    I think that Miss Redhead’s book is about special, golden wings will do something amazing and save the world in the book.

  3. WOW 😮 what a day we all have. my peers where dress up as the hobbit. And I am happy for miss Janjua because she is having fun with us, she really push us to our learning , if we are stuck in a question, challenge and the learning she help us even at lunchtime I will go to her and to jobs for her and she give me extra learning and help. I am thankful for miss Janjua helping me and the team. Thank you miss Frankish.

    What your favourite book 📚 ?

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