World Book Day – Thursday 2nd March 2017

World Book Day 2017

On Thursday 2nd March, we will be celebrating World Book Day! Your classes will be coming up with fantastic activities about a chosen book. I don’t know what your class book will be but maybe you can give your teacher some ideas? This can be book that you have already studied or it could be a new book.

Think about some activities that you would like to do and which books you would like to study and write them down on this blog! An example of this would be acting out a scene out of The BFG and maybe designing my a bad character for this book. Be creative and maybe your teachers might let you do this! 


77 thoughts on “World Book Day – Thursday 2nd March 2017

  1. I recently read the book A take off two beasts, I really enjoyed it. It was interesting to know the other person’s side of story…
    Nihit, Reception blue

  2. my class 4 red are doing Alice in wonderland I am dressing up as queen of hearts because she is my favourte character in the story

  3. I am so excited about world book day. I can’t wait and I want to dress up as Elsa.💛😜🤣🙂🎉🎀🎠🎄🎃🍦🍥🚲💛

    • That’s some great ideas khadijat I’m sure our👩👸 teacher will choose some of your ideas I know Alice in wonderland ,Matilda, Mary popping but I don’t know running wild _______ do you like Mary poppins and Alice in wonderland❤❤❤💙💚❤❤❤💙💚❤❤💙💚

  4. I don’t want to do the Jungle Book.
    If Mrs Chapman picks the jungle book i am going to cry…..

  5. Yes I can not wait either for world book day.I wish that we could do Harry Potter or a Roald Dahl book but not The Witches. If Mr Anderson chooses the Witches we can read the book but I hate the movie because the book is already creepy. I don’t really mind what book we do but Harry Potter will be good.I love reading books except for scary ones..

    Activities if we did Harry Potter:

    Pretend to make spells
    Watch the movie
    Read the books
    Role Play the movie or book
    Dress up
    Make an I movie about what we did and what we loved
    And make a blog about it!

    • i want to do harry potter aswell and i have a harry potter costume i realy really really want to do harry potter ig mr wilson or mrs chapman picks the jungle book then i am going to cry

  6. I would like to do one of these books for world book day:
    Roald Dahl books such as
    The witches
    Fantastic Mr Fox
    Other books
    Alice and the Wonderland

  7. I can’t wait for world book day because I am wondering what my class are doing.
    My ideas are
    fantastic Mr fox
    the witches
    biscuit barrel
    the BFG

  8. I have an idea 💡 of the Gruffalo book 📚 because it’s a bit scary and beastly. I am looking forward for world 🌎 book 📚 day!

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