Wow pieces of homework !

So today Martyna and Naly both produced outstanding pieces of homework. Martyna made some homemade mountain cupcakes and Naly made a 3D piece of artwork on our topic mountains too! Watch the video below as Martyna talks about her awesome cakes, Zaynab and Murtaza tuck in !!

Naly’s wonderful artwork!
Martyna and her mouth-watering cakes!

Well done the pair of you, setting the standards high again!

15 thoughts on “Wow pieces of homework !

  1. Well done Naly and Martyna, the sculpture was amazing and the cupcakes were delicious. It is always better when people go that extra mile and (if you are the one who did the work) nice to get appreciation back. Well done both of you!

  2. Well done Martyna and Nali for working extremely hard and creating a wonderful, sensational piece of work. I find it fascinating how Nali and Martnya have created the mountain piece from their perspective. This represents how year 6 are always working hard persevering as a category, to gain but well done to Year 6 as everyone is producing an amazing amount of work and behaving, lets keep it up to become the best Year 6 in Broad Heath History.

  3. It was really hard making the cakes because i had to try and make a mountain design on each one.I also found trying to make the actual cupcake hard because they all had to have the same amount of cupcake mix in them.However i found it really fun making all of these cupcakes for my whole class to enjoy and thank you for your kind comments on my cupcakes.

  4. Wow well done Martina and Nali you have produced some outstanding Year 6 work and Martinez cakes with very young she made an amazing cake out of cupcakes that’s a very intelligent way to make a mountain well done Martina and also I did not forget about you naly you have made amazing mouth on paper I could have made the gas and you described it with very well well done both of you

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