Wowee Devanshi!

Since starting digital art club Devanshi has gone off on her own and created some amazing art work in her own time. Taking inspiration from work online she has been able to create her own versions on her ipad pro – what a lucky lady!

Not only can she write well, she can draw too! Your imagination is unstoppable and your talent is impeccable – Keep it up Dev, we are so proud!

36 thoughts on “Wowee Devanshi!

  1. Definitely a WOW 😮 Devanshi! You are such a multi-talented person! Each and every piece you have created are absolutely stunning! I don’t have to say it…but…KEEP IT UP!

  2. OMG 😮 😲 that is amazing you are very creative I love it . Well done . I would love to see tutorial video of you making these. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😀😀😀keep up the good work

  3. Wow Devanshi, these are amazing. I would love for you to do a video and show me how to create these. I’m going to speak to Miss Vega and maybe we can sort something out. A video would be great so everyone else can try. Well done 👍🏽

  4. Thank you. Starting a business seams very nice and all the money I make, I could donate to the NHS or some other charity to help the COVID 19 pandemic.

  5. This is A-MAZ-ING! It would be great if you could do a video of “how to” so we could blog next week for other children! Are you up for the challenge?

  6. Great to see somebody take interest in digital art!
    What app on the iPad did you use for two you did? I do really like the minimalistic style you’ve adapted.

  7. Just WOW! These are honestly amazing, you certainly have an exceptional skill here! So very proud of you and what you have achieved here. I look forward to seeing what else you create!

  8. Wow!! Devanshi this is absolutely brilliant!!! How an earth have you managed to do this and how long has it taken you to produce such beautiful work like this?? I really hope your Mum and Dad are going to print some of your work off and hang it up in your house to showcase it to everyone that comes to visit your house.

  9. I knew you were a talented young lady but this!! This is amazing, Devanshi! You certainly have a very bright future ahead of you. Miss Smith is right, maybe you should start a business?

  10. Wow Devanshi, I have been left speechless! This art work is fantastic, you are so talented and like Miss Vega said we are all very proud of you. Well done!

  11. Wow! Devanshi- these are incredible! I paricularly love how you have created creases in the clothes with shading and detail on the waves on the sea. I hope that you pursue this in your career in the future because this is a wonderful skill to have!

  12. OH WOW! I am blown away by these. How did you do this Devanshi?! You are so talented. They are just amazing. I would love one of these on my bedroom wall and would definitely send them as cards to my friends! Perhaps you should start your own business?!

    • Wow Devanshi these are just amazing! You are very talented! I agree with Miss Smith I would love to have one of these in my house!
      Can’t wait to see a video of you doing these 😊

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