Writing mystery – 6 Red

In 6 Red, we have been looking at different genres of writing and we focused on mystery. Please have a look at some of the work that we have done.

Can you write some powerful examples of language that you have used? What about the features of this genre and its impact on the reader?


15 thoughts on “Writing mystery – 6 Red

  1. Well done 6 red have a look at my work:

    The tall long figure stood silently as he examine the squeaky wheel by the menacing wreckage. His orange bandanna swAying in the sunset was breathtaking. Suddenly, a vintage themed car groaned as it came towards the man what could happen next?…

  2. It was pitch black, owls hooting snakes slithering with vines tangling through the forest. Loudly, the wind howled;the trees were disturbed out of a nice rest. Suddenly, without warning a loud…

    The effect on the reader on the first sentence, is a creepy feeling so right from the start they think it is either a horror or mystery story. The effect on the reader on the second sentence is personification when it says the wind howled, the trees were disturbed and it tell them it was a windy day. Now the effect on the reader on the third sentence is now they feel interested because of ellipsis and they eager to find out what was that loud noise.

    By Haleema

  3. In broad daylight the leaves were frolicking about and the wind was whistling .
    The sun shining onto the ground poor plants suffered from dehydration spring leaves dancing with the air as one by one fell suddenly.
    The continues path led to a delightful oak tree with a simple almond door which was tiny.
    By ,Safa Khan

  4. Midnight.As I walked down the almond-brown forest, I could hear creatures in the distance howling to the evil moon.As the wind screamed through the forest lime green leaves blew from on place to another.Suddenly he heard a noise.This creatures eyes were glimmering in the pitch-black night. It came closer closer.Boom!.

  5. Crash!
    In the distance,there came a loud crash.The crash sounded like a rock had fallen down from a cliff.There was no sound.All you could hear was a wheel creaking .You could see the sun beaming down on the ground.There was no life in this place.All that was on the burning floor were bones of dead bodies there was no plant what so ever.

  6. The lime green danced elegantly with the whistling wind. The flamboyant golden sun beamed down upon the deserted speaker. The plants cry pleading with water. As the narrow ever ending road was filled with dust a engine roared to the desert.

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