Writing Riddles

This morning in Year 5 we have been learning about riddles. We have worked together to solve riddles and have then used this to write some of our own.

We needed to remember to:

  • Give clear descriptive clues, maybe using figurative language.
  • Have a clear answer in mind when writing our riddles.
  • Use present tense verbs.

Below are some of the riddles we have created. Can you use the clues to guess the answer?

48 thoughts on “Writing Riddles

  1. I occur twice in a leap year
    once in a day
    but never in a week
    what am I?

    I am a pink sticky balloon
    I am a chewing gum between your teeth
    I am as fruity as juice
    what am I?

  2. I am tall,
    I am frightening,
    I’m always hungry,
    Make loud noises,
    And I Scare people.
    WHO AM I???

    I am fun to write on,
    The teachers use me,
    They use me in different colours.
    WHO AM I???

    I am a rectangle shape,
    I have shapes on me,
    I have numbers on me,
    I am fun to play with,
    And you can play different games with me.
    WHO AM I???- the answers are down below.⬇️⬇️⬇️

    1) Jokes!!!
    2) Jokes!!!
    3) Jokes!!!

  3. Kaiden riddle:
    I am something fast
    my body is spotty
    my pray is deers
    I am a carnivore
    and my body is a little bit fury.
    What am I?

    Haleema riddle:
    I am an odd number
    But also quite even
    Take the first letter off.
    And I am even.
    What am I?

    Kaidens riddle:
    I am slow
    I carry something on my back
    My eyes hang out my head.
    What am I?

  4. I come from trees. I am very shiny I’m an animal
    You can cut me up. If you got one of my I’m sneaky
    I’m kind of see through friends your rich I live in Forrest
    I’m easy to rip up. I’m found in mines. I’m a fast runner
    You can’t eat me you can put me on a. I eat meat
    I’m in every house necklace. I’m a good sniffer
    What am I ? What am I ? What am I?
    From me and lyba

  5. I can be any size,
    I have bones,
    I have squidgy stuff inside me,
    You can damage me,
    You can break me,
    I am a part of you,
    What am I?

    By Elyass and Sahrah

  6. I am small and deadly .
    I am not touchable.
    I am hardly seen.
    I am mostly forgetting stuff.
    I am lonely.
    I am mostly horrified of humans.
    I can be poisonous.
    I could nearly be alive today

  7. What stays on the corner I use a lot of diesel
    of an envelope and can travel I’m really fast
    everywhere. I’m really exclusive in Dubai

    What stays at the bottom. I’m really soft and
    of the Ocean and has the sound You sleep on me
    sh but I can’t speak. And you snore on me.

  8. I have funky clothes,
    I am very creepy,
    I can scare people…WHO AM I!!!.

    I am tall and have floppy hair,
    I annoy my teacher,
    I can be late,
    I am annoying,shocking and funny,
    WHO AM I?
    From inaaya

  9. I am very sweet. I am very famous.
    I come in a range of flavours. I am cute.
    I turn up at parties. I am on tv.
    Kids and Adults love me. I am collected in cards.
    I can brighten up your day. What am I?
    Get me at the shop.
    What am I?

    By Nuh and Hamda.

  10. I am black and white I get kicked evryday and AND I GET POPED
    WHAT AM I?

    I Have flavour and I am sweet you can’t swallow me you can make bubble
    What am I?

    He is nice and he has a football he is my best friend who am I?

    I cost a lot I am the fastest car is the world everyone love me I go 237km per hour

  11. Answers are down below.

    I might be frightening,
    come with me with caution.
    I appear in fun places,
    I am on a track.
    I go extremely fast,
    lots of people come on me.
    What am I?

    I appear on every street,
    I sometimes stay in parks.
    I usually hold wires,
    Sometimes lamps.
    I appear near roads,
    What am I?


  12. Nithusha riddle.
    I am red and white,
    Animals live in me,
    You can throw me about,
    I can help you fight,
    Only my master can open me,
    What am I ?

    Sufyaans riddle
    I wear glasses
    I love football
    I never take my jumper off
    And I love match attack
    What am i

  13. I can be any size,
    I have bones,
    I have nothing inside me,
    You can damage me,
    You can break me,
    I am a part of you,
    What am I?

    By Elyass and Sahrah

  14. I am fluffy
    People hug me
    I go to sleep in a little bed
    I play with others
    I eat sweets
    I also eat chocolate
    I play with play money
    I drink water and milk
    Who am I?

    Some people kick me
    I am round
    I get kicked
    I sometimes get hurt
    What am I?

  15. I could be the sound
    Of an alarm clock ,
    It very annoying at times
    You have to be cool to drive it
    You can’t text and drive
    I Has 2 seats
    I crash on roads
    What am I

    I am a dance move
    Very popular
    Do it on the dance floor
    And it makes me go pop
    It’s very addictive
    What am I.

    I can help you out
    On an I phone
    I have all information
    You don’t know
    Hold the home button
    You’ll find my home
    What an I

  16. There is a person who chops
    a ball and calls it a …..chop
    he uses it in a football match
    and gets through defenders
    very. Easily and is the best
    Footballer in the world he
    scores every goal and has
    so many fans and it is a skill.

  17. I can be any colour
    You can press me
    You can play on me
    I am the size of A5 paper
    I have an eye but I can not see
    You can learn from me
    What am I?

  18. I dig up dirt I am a meatal object I can dig treasure what am I?

    I am brave and noble I have a horse and a sword I have a shield what am I ?

  19. I’m nice and good
    I have no stuff
    Not a number
    I Nick things
    I am nine
    What am I

    I have eyes I can see
    I can eat
    Stuff like sweets
    Not a tree
    What am i

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