Y1 Christmas Day TOMORROW

Hi everybody,

To finish our Celebrations topic, we will be having a very special ‘Christmas Day’ on Tuesday 14th December 2021. This week we learnt about Christmas in the Victorian days… I wonder if it will be different in 2021?!

We will be comparing Christmas traditions with other celebrations and showing respect towards other cultures and religions. Most importantly, we will be having lots of fun! You have all worked so hard and have certainly earnt yourselves a treat.

On this day, children can come to school in their special clothes. Think sparkles, Christmas jumpers, party dresses…. whatever makes you feel special!

We will be having a ‘Christmas Dinner’ in the afternoon so you may bring some snacks! You may also bring Christmas cards for your friends if you would like to.

We cannot wait for another fun-filled day!

Miss Smith

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  1. Yusuf is very excited for this! He is looking forward to bringing in snacks. Can he bring any kind of snacks or are there restrictions? (Eg. No chocolate/sweets)

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