Y1 Home learning 13.01.21- DT

Hello year one, I am super excited for this lesson and too see all your fabulous designs! We are continuing your learning from last week where we looked at mechanisms to make your moving picture and this week we are designing your moving picture. Remember this means you are designing the picture on paper and labeling what materials you will use in the future, you do not need to make it, this will be a future lesson.

Watch the lesson:

Activity 1

Draw your sea background and label what materials you will use! Materials you could use which will be your label:

Paper, news paper, magazine, card, pencil, felt tips, paint, tissue paper, colouring pencils, glue.

Activity 2

Shark tutorial:

Now it’s time to draw your shark, remember to label what you will use to make your shark! Use the word bank above to help you.

Activity 3

Draw and label which mechanism you will use (Lever or Slider), and which materials you will use to make the mechanisms.

Word bank: Lollipop stick, straw, card, paper, fork, pen, paper clip.

Please upload your work below:


57 thoughts on “Y1 Home learning 13.01.21- DT

  1. My work has been uploaded.
    Material I used:
    Tissue paper
    Filt tip pens
    Googly eye
    Lollipop stick
    Stick on stars.
    Stick on shock faces to represent people swimming and feeling frightened of seeing a shark while swimming 🏊‍♂️ 😳😳

  2. Ilyas attempted to draw the shark a few times before he was happy with it. We look forward to making this a moving picture!
    Pictures sent .

  3. OoOOOoOoOOoOoOo Seem`s exciting! I must try this out! Thank you for this lovely opportunity- This is so educational and entertaining! Stay safe and bye!

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