Y1 Home Learning 23.02.21 – PHONICS

Hello to my super readers! Let’s continue and make even more progress!
Green/ Blue/ Yellow group
your new sound is ‘aw’. This sound is a digraph.
(2 letters, 1 sound)

yawn at dawn

Can you segment and blend these words?

Read the text. How many ‘aw’ words can you spot in the postcard?

CHALLENGE: Complete the EdCity Activity. Let us know what you score 👍🏼

Orange Group & Yegor, Rahim, Safwan, Ranj, Rayan(1R), Kinza, Yasiin and Jebrin. This is your new sound.

Read the text. How many ‘ee’ words can you spot?

Red Group, this is your new sound.

CHALLENGE: Tell me 4 words with the ‘ch’ sound. Try to sound them out and spell them by yourself.

156 thoughts on “Y1 Home Learning 23.02.21 – PHONICS

  1. I have practiced the phonics and can easily segment and blend all the words.
    I have read the postcard and spot the
    aw words#
    Lawn, shawl, paw, drawer, draw, claws.
    I like to play in the lawn with my dog.
    The painter draw a spectacular picture of a horse.
    We keep our things in the drawer.
    I did my task on Education City and scored 100 %

    • Slight grammatical correction – The painter ‘drew’ not draw. Overall, fantastic sentences and ‘aw’ words, Hamza. Keep up the great work ✅

    • Super ee words Esa, can you make a sentence using those ee words? Next time complete the higher level phonics as I know you already know the ee sound!

  2. Ahyan has came up with these four words: chip,chop,children and chain, he has sounded them out loud and has spelled them in his homework book😌

  3. I found lots of words with the aw sound.

    My jaw is made out of bone.
    The dogs paw is hurting and needs a bandage.

    I also found other words that sounded the same but not with aw letters,

    I got 100% in Ed city challenge.

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