Y1 Home learning: Topic 24.02.21

Happy Wednesday year one! Today we start our new exciting topic of: Houses then and now. I am super excited to see all your fabulous work!

Watch the teach below:

Activities, to be completed in your homework book:

Blue and green group: Examples of the different styles of homes you can draw and key vocabulary.

Sentence starters (If needed):

  1. My house is a ………..
  2. My favourite feature is……. because…..
  3. One feature that is the same is the …… and one that is different is…..

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  1. Differences
    Flats don’t have gardens
    Semi-detached are attached to one house
    Detached are attached to both houses
    Bungalow houses have everything on the ground floor and semi-detached house have two floors.
    They are all houses and they all have a kitchen
    The houses near my house are detached and semidetached.

  2. My house is big
    My favourite feature is kitchen because I love cooking
    One feature that is the same is the roof top and one that is different is some people live in a flat

  3. Picture 1 – bungalow
    Picture 2- Terrace
    Picture 3- semi detached
    Picture 4-detached
    Picture 5- flat
    1.My house is a semi detached.
    2.My favourite feature is my garden because i can play there.
    3.One feature that is the same is the windows and doors and different feature that all houses don not have stairs and garden.

  4. My house is a Tarraced………..
    My favourite feature is my garden……. because….I can play, make bbq ,plant flowers and vegetables.
    One feature that is the same is the all huses have window ,door ,roof, bedrooms and one that is different is…the Tarrace..house have garden and flat house doesn’t have garden they have balcony .
    Near my house most of the house’s is Tarrace style.

  5. Picture 1 is a bungalo
    Picture 2 is a terrace
    Picture 3 is a semi-detached
    Picture 4 is a detached
    Picture 5 is a flat.

    My house is a bungalo
    My favourite feature is a roof because when it rains it will not get into the house.
    One feature that is the same is the roof and one that is different is the chimney.

  6. Pic 1: Bungalow
    Pic 2: Terrace
    Pic 3: Semi – detached
    Pic 4: Deteched
    Pic 5: Flat
    All houses have doors, windows, roof and made with bricks.
    All houses looks different with each other’s. There are no stairs in bungalows but other houses have stairs.
    Some houses have garage but some have not.
    Most common style of houses are semi-detached and terrace near my house.

    • WOW, I am so impressed DJ! I love how you wrote in full sentences and with such lovely handwriting! Keep up all your hard work!

  7. My house is a semi detached house.
    My favourite features is back door because i can see my green garden.
    All houses have roof, windows garden bit flat has not garden.

    I have completed my homework and uploaded the pictures.

  8. My house is Terrace.
    My favourite feature is the big garden door because I can go to play in the garden through the door.
    One feature that is the same is that they have doors,windows,roof,and the chimney and one that is different is a flat has no roof or garden.

  9. My house is a terraced house. My favourite feature are the windows because you can look outside them and check the weather.
    One feature that is the same is that all houses have a roof but a flat does not have a garden.

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