Hi Year 1,

Just a reminder that the Week 1 English homework can be found on the BH website. Please click ‘Challenges’ on the homepage. Well done to the 7 children that have completed this so far!

Week 1 Maths homework has been set on Education City.

Thank you,

Miss Smith

[embeddoc url=”http://www.broadheath.coventry.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Year-1-Homework-Planner-Summer-2.pdf”]

20 responses to “Y1 Homework Reminder”

  1. Zainullah S.

    I have done my education city.

  2. Jebrin Y.

    I have completed my Education City and got 100%.

  3. Sumaya O.

    Did it

  4. Kiyan H.

    Hello miss Smith myself and mya are try to login in to education City but it is telling us mya login is is wrong please may i get a email with mya login details thanks mya mum.

  5. Sidrah S.

    Sidrah finish e her homework thank you.

  6. Jebrin Y.

    I have completed my Education City and got 100% on both.

  7. Ebeid M.

    I have done my homework.

  8. Emil D.

    Emil has completed both of his homework.

  9. Jebrin Y.

    I did all of my Education City.

  10. Hamza

    I done the Education cities and got 100% in all of them.

  11. Aiza B.

    I think Aiza already sent her wow homework and she did her challenge and education city also.

  12. Yasiin H.

    Yasiin has done homeworkr.

  13. Ilyas K.

    I got 100 pesetas on education city

  14. Ilyas K.

    Ilyas has completed both tasks at home today.

  15. Aadam R.

    Apologies Miss Smith, Aadam completed the WOW homework Friday and I wasn’t aware of the other tasks. He has completed the education city task ( score 100%)and will complete the reading challenge at the weekend.

    1. Aadam R.

      Challenge has been completed.

  16. Carter D.

    I cant find week 2 homework on education city.

  17. Havin A.

    Thank you for letting us know as I wasn’t sure if havin had homework to do at the weekend. Il be sure she completes her work tomorrow after school.

    1. Miss Smith

      No worries at all! It has been a funny week! Havin has already completed her English homework. :)

      1. Havin A.

        Okay thanks for letting me know 🙂

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