Y1 – How do plants change over time?

Hello year 1

We have come to the end of our journey of being ‘Plant Detectives’.

In Week 2, we planted cress seeds.

After a few days, our plants began to grow!

Now look at them!


  1. How did we plant our seeds?
  2. How did we care for them?
  3. How did the plants look after a few days?
  4. How did they look after a few weeks?


  1. First we take a pot then sit a soil in
    Then put seeds inside the soil then add water then leave in sunlight because plants need sunlight and fresh air for grow🍀🍀

  2. 1 we put some soil land some water 💦 and sun 🌞
    2 we put some soil and some water 💦 sunlight
    3Tinybroots grew. D then it had some leaves.
    4.in the end they grew bigger and died because it was too hot.

  3. First We got some soil and then we worterd them.i put the seeds in the soil.my cress plant grew because I gave water and it was near the window so it grew.

  4. 1 first we added the soil in the pot🌱then we maker a hole and💦puts Cresses 2 Then we put our plant🌱🌱🌱in the 🌞 sun 3 It looks so big.its growing bigger.

  5. 1.we plant the seeds dy dooing to put seeds at the bottom of the baskit.2.we care for the flu our dy put the fluouer on the sunlight and the wotur.3.the fluours luc after there self by Macon food in ther beli.

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