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Y1 – How do plants change over time?

Hi Year 1,

We have come to the end of our journey of being ‘Plant Detectives’.

In Week 2, we planted cress seeds.

After a few days, our plants began to grow!

Now look at them!


  1. How did we plant our seeds?
  2. How did we care for them?
  3. How did the plants look after a few days?
  4. How did they look after a few weeks?


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  1. 1 First ,we pour soil into the cup
    2 then we add the seed s
    3 we water them and put them in sunlight
    4 and we wait a few weeks and it will grow
    5 into a beautiful flower .🌷😀

  2. 1 We plant the seed in the soil.
    2 We water them and put them in sun light.
    3 It looked little bit big after few days.
    4 In few weeks it grown so big and tall.