Y2 17.07.20 End of Year Reflections

Hello superstars,

After a particularly tough school year, WE MADE IT! We have reached the end of our Year 2 journey. Completed it! Conquered it! SMASHED IT!

It hasn’t been a ‘normal’ year and it will certainly be remembered until we are old and grey!

Think about it… You have survived a GLOBAL pandemic. You have survived a national LOCKDOWN. You have completed HOME LEARNING every… single… day. You have remained POSITIVE. You have shown RESILIENCE. You have shown TENACITY. You have GROWN and GAINED, despite what life has thrown at us!!

You truly are such special, magnificent children and your teachers feel so privileged to have taught you this year. You have been a PLEASURE to teach at school and never failed to make us smile. You have also kept us going through the lockdown period and given us all something to keep working for! You brighten our days and make us burst with pride! We miss you very much and hope you have the BEST summer possible! See you in September!

As we won’t be able to see each other, please leave your teachers a message to end the year and say goodbye. Tell them what your FAVOURITE part of the year has been. Tell them why you have loved Year 2. Tell them the BEST thing you have learnt this year. Tell them something you are PROUD of.

Remember, your teachers will reply so please check back and look at the comments.

54 thoughts on “Y2 17.07.20 End of Year Reflections

  1. Goodbye Mrs penevaga and Mrs Browning I will miss you.
    Thank you for being a good teacher to me.
    I have learned so much from you.
    My favourite part of year 2 was science week.
    I liked year 2 because it was creative and fun.
    The best thing I have learned this year is math.

  2. You all have been great to me. I have had so much fun with you all as my teachers and I know that any child that you teach will love you as much as I do.

  3. thank you for being such amazing teachers and for all your great lessons. I feel so happy to have been placed in your class. You have taught me to to learn lots of exciting fun and for that, I am thankful because you are truly wonderful teachers. I will miss your teachers. Thank you
    lots of love miski ❤💕

  4. When it was the beggining of year 2 I was so happy and exited to meet my new teachers and start a new year.Also Miss smith and Mrs walker were so kind and helpful.I love Miss smith because she lets me play whith her beautiful long hair I used to make plait with her hair
    and also once she picked me up and put me in my chair and said here you go my darling it was so fun every body was looking at me. I will Miss her so much and Miss Walker.

    • Retaj – this comment made me smile so much. What wonderful memories we have shared! I wish you all the best for Year 3 sleepy head! You will be fantastic!

  5. Good Afternoon Mrs Penevega and Mrs Browning. I hope you have had a happy day. I enjoyed being in your class and hopefully we all will see you again in September. My favourite subject was Art. The best thing I have learn’t is English. I can’t wait to go to Year 3. Take care and look after yourselves. Happy Summer Holidaaaaays!!!!! 😎😄

    • Thank you for being in our class Hanfaa and for being such a star! We will miss you. Have a super holiday and we will see you in September.

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments. We have all GAINED using Different skills with our learning. Even during lockdown we carried at home using daily blogs for our work. Well done to everyone. Now it is the end of year. I would like to stay stay safe and have a lovely summer holiday.
    We will see you all In September

  7. I remember the first day we were being introduced to our teachers Mr Gordon and Mrs Patel. I really enjoyed that day as it was the begining of my journey in year 2. I have had a wonderful year in year 2. I am going to miss you all very much. Thank you Mr Gordon and Mrs Patel for being amazing teachers! I will miss you and am very sad that you are leaving Mr Gordon. Lots of love x

  8. Goodbye 👋.
    My favourite part of this year was going to the beach because we played together and are good together.
    I have loved year 2 because the teachers where nice and I loved learning.
    The best thing of this year is science because I love science.

  9. My favorite part of the year was when we went on trips and when we went swimming.
    Dear Mr Gordon,
    It was nice to have you as my teacher. I will miss you lots.
    Good luck!

  10. Good afternoon Mr Gordon and Mrs Patel💟💟💟
    My favourite part of year 2 Blue💙 was when we all went to Weston Super Mare and when we went in the muddy sea 🌊 and the sand.
    Goodbye 👋🏻 I will miss you lots when I’m in year 3 White 🤍

  11. Hello 👋🏻 teachers 👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫
    Good afternoon💟😊
    My favourite part in 2 Blue was when we went to Weston Super Mare at the beach🏖 and in the muddy sea 🌊.
    I will miss my teachers 👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫 very much.
    Good bye 👋🏻 😊😊😊

  12. Thank you Mrs Penevega and Mrs Browning for teaching me and helping me, I am going to miss you both. I have learnt lots of things this year. The best part was PE, skills academy and swimming. I loved swimming. I am proud of being in 2 red and I achieved lots of certificates. Goodbye and have a good holiday.

    • It has truly been a pleasure to have you in the class Yaseen. You will have a lovely year in Year 3. Keep on working hard. See you in September.

  13. I am going to miss my teachers. I had so much fun in year 2 and learnt lots of new things. I am going to miss my cuddle with Miss Browning and Mrs Penavega in the morning but I am going to be brave.i hope I can come to year 2 to see you.i will miss you calling me lexi Lou.
    From lexi💝x

  14. My favourite memory was when we went to Weston Super Mare.I liked going to the beach because it was fun and we got to play with the sand.The best thing I have done in year 2 was when we went to the cinema to watch a film.I liked it because I got to eat snacks when I was watching the film.I am proud of myself because in year 2 in the coronavirus lockdown and the pandemic I completed all my work.I have also tried my best in all lessons.
    Goodbye Miss Smith.I will miss you.
    Goodbye Ms Walker.I will see you in year 3.

    • Awww Hasbia we are so proud of you too. You have had a great year and your mum and dad should be extremely proud of you for all of your achievements. Enjoy your Summer holiday and I’ll see you in September.

    • Hasbia, you are such a special, talented young lady and it has been brilliant getting to know you this year! I will miss you very much! Keep being you!

  15. Today is the last day of year 2 blue , I miss all my teachers and classmates. My favourite part was when we went to the weston super mare , we had a fantastic time.
    I learn alot this year , now I can tell the time which make proud.
    I`m so sad because Mr Gordon Leaving School , I will miss him.
    See you all in year 3 white.

  16. Recognize your accomplishments and give yourself praise for what you did well.
    Reflect on the lessons you learned, as well as the knowledge and skills you acquired.
    Acknowledge your mistakes and missteps so you can use them as a self-improvement tool.

    • I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed year 2 Umama. You have been a little super star and worked really hard. I know your going to have another great year in year. Enjoy your summer holiday and I’ll see you in year 3.

  17. Well our little super stars. Today day is your final day of year 2 and I honestly couldn’t be more proud of you than I am. You have all worked so incredibly hard this year and adapted well to the new way of learning, ensuring that you make progress. I feel extremely privileged to be part of the year 2 team and I have loved every minute of it. My favourite part of year 2 has to be the Black Country Museum. You were so engaged, well mannered and enthusiastic and that made me proud. I hope you have a lovely Summer holiday, stay safe and I’ll see you in year 3.

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