Y2 – 01.07.20 – PHSE

To explore our feelings

Recently, we have experienced lots of changes in our daily life. Our routines have been changed and things have been different for lots of us. Because of this, our feelings have probably, sometimes been a little mixed up just like the colour monster in the story below. Get yourself comfortable, relax and listen carefully to the story.

After the summer holiday, you will be going into Year 3. How do you feel about this? I know it will be really exciting and you will have a great time!

Draw your own colour monster and decorate it using the colours that express how you are feeling about Year 3. Label them with your feelings please. Here is an example:

Please send your photos of your work to y2upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

45 thoughts on “Y2 – 01.07.20 – PHSE

  1. I have seen all your amazing monsters and I’ve noticed that some of you have said that you a little scared about moving Up to year 3. Do you think you could tell me why your feeling a little scared and nervous?

    • Oh Ismael this makes me feel so sad to read this. I know it’s a little bit scary but I’m sure once you get there you are going to be absolutely fine. You work so hard in year 2 and always give your best.

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