Y2 Blog Timings

Hello Year 2 pupils, parents and carers.
Firstly, can I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued efforts, hard work and support during the lastest school closure. I know how challenging it is for pupils and parents as I am going through the same thing in my home. You are all doing a great job and we only ask that you do what you can.

With the latest government announcement indicating that schools will be closed for longer than originally planned, we need to alter the way we are working slightly.

Staff have been working extremely hard during the past month trying to provide learning opportunities, give feedback as well as supporting their own families during this unprecedented time.

BH Remote Policy states that, blogs must be posted by 9:30am each day but we have been posting at 8:30am. We are going to change it to 9am as of Monday 1st February. I am doing this to support staff’s wellbeing as we have a huge amount of work being posted, emailed or uploaded after working hours. This has meant that teachers are providing feedback well into the late evening. I am asking them not to from now on as I want my team to be fresh, vibrant and ready for the following day.

This means that anything that is posted after 5pm may not receive a response until the following day, between 8am and 9am. If possible, we would encourage you to do the work set between 9am and 4pm, but we do understand that this is not always possible, so do the work when you can.

I hope that you can understand my decision and continue to support your children in this strangest of times.
Kind regards,
Mr Carter


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