Y2 English – 01.07.20 – Writing Tongue Twisters

Hey Year 2,

Yesterday we began to use alliteration and wrote some super phrases about animals! Today we are going to use this skill to write our very own tongue twisters!

Here are some examples:

Remember, tongue twisters are tricky to read because they have lots of words beginning with the SAME SOUND.

Write your own tongue twisters! Make them as funny and silly as you like! However, they MUST be about animals and they MUST use alliteration.

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  1. Monkey Maya was moaning madly to make a mean monster, Maya’s mom , Mrs Mia , mixed some milk and made a cookie monster for Maya to munch.

  2. The black and bear bear🐻
    The six slimy snakes🐍
    The slimy slug🐌
    The delicate doughnut🍩
    The orange octopus🐙
    The spying spider🕷
    The busy bee🐝
    The sneaky squirrel🐿
    The cup cake🎂
    The French fries 🍟

  3. 1)The panda was fat and he wanted to eat more.
    2)Three little monkes wanted to eat some banana but their mom didn`t let them.
    3)Three trees talking trees had no legs but they could talk to each other.

  4. Maniac,monkeys moving on motors.
    Slippery,slimy snake slips on the skate.
    Big, brown bear bumps his butt.
    Rudy,rusty rabbits running on the road.

  5. There were two funny monkeys on a tree
    and they started laughing because one started to dance
    and fell down. Then there was one monkey left on the tree,
    then it started jumping and fell down.

    • Great sentences Ramarni. Remember, you were asked to create a tongue twister using alliteration. Have a go at completing this one please. Happy Harry had ……..

  6. Zebra zig and zebra zag.
    Little lazy lizard lie the lily pads.
    Fresh fried fish for ready to eat.
    Fresh fried fish,fish fresh fried,fried fish fresh.

  7. The cute Cub came crawling for cuddles.
    Ten Tigers 🐅 booked tickets 🎫 to travel to Turkey 🇹🇷 .
    The beautiful butterfly 🦋 was following a bear 🐻.
    The fish 🐟 was talking to a Frog 🐸.

  8. Double bubble gum
    Under bubbly bears bum 😆
    Black bat, bat black
    Wingy mingy, dingy lingy
    Lickin chicken, chicken lickin
    Kickin lickin chicken

  9. Double bubble gum
    Under bubbly bears bum 😆

    Black bat, bat black
    Wingy mingy, dingy lingy

    Lickin chicken, chicken lickin
    Kickin lickin chicken

  10. The big fat cat sat on the rat.
    Lucy loves lick lemon and lime.
    Bily blows big blue balloon,blow up.
    Two sisters sit seashore sing a song shoutly.
    Slimy slippery snail slid slowly.

    • Hi Kanishka,
      I can only see one tongue twister about an animal. It’s about a snail and is tricky to say.
      Can you change one of your other tongue twisters to include an animal?

  11. 1.The pink panther pounced on the pink pan. x3
    2. Curious caterpillars carve cakes.
    3. If freaky fred found fifty feet of fruit. And fed forty feet of fruit to his friend frank. How many feet of fruit did freaky fred find ?
    4. Orange orbeezs love oats.x3
    5. Blue balls bounce x3.
    6. Apples ate alphabetic names.
    7. Seven sleek sofas slide safely to the side.
    8. Joyful jawariyah loves jewellery !
    Not from the internet !!!

  12. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
    Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy
    Betty Betty bought some butter
    Nine nice nights nurses nursing nicely
    Red lorry yellow lorry
    Black back bat
    She see cheese
    Good blood bad blood

    • Hi Bakary,
      These are tongue twisters written by other people.
      Could you please write one of your own about an animal and include alliteration?

  13. Two tiny tigers take two taxis to town.
    A tidy tiger tied a tighter tie to tidy her tiny tail.
    Friendly frank flips fine flap jacks.
    Six sleek swans swam swiftly southward.

  14. Pocky peach parrot squakced patiently while pattering around..
    The slimy sneery snake, sneers and slithers secretly through the slithering sandy desert.

  15. The pretty panther paced around patiently for her practice race.
    The slithering, slime,y slow snake was stricted but slightly deadly.
    The grizzling , goofy gorilla giggled on the grate gorilla statue.

  16. Small squawking seagulls flying on the beach.
    Cute furry kittens looking at the people.
    Long scaly snakes hiding every where.
    Ten tigers Roaring good in the jungled.

  17. Carlos the cheetah chased the crazy cow as he is consistently hungry.
    He charged and climbed carefully because he craved the colourful cow.
    After that he captured the crazy,colourful cow.

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