Y3. 01.07.20. Maths Home Learning

Today, we are going to be measuring capacity and volume in mixed units.

When reading amounts always start with the litres and then look at the extra millilitres. You should set your answer out as ___ L and ____ml.

This is 3L and 400ml. We know this because there are 3 litre jugs which are full to capacity and in the last jug there is 400ml of water.



GOLD – You can draw your own measuring jugs if you would prefer not to print it.

109 thoughts on “Y3. 01.07.20. Maths Home Learning

  1. Bronze:
    1. 2l and 800ml
    2. 2l and 300ml
    3. 1l and 100ml
    1. I agree with Alex because 2l and 300ml are the amount of liquids in the 3 containers so the capacity of the pot is 2l and 300ml.
    1. In 3 jugs there would be 1l in each of them and in 1 jug there would be 750ml in it.

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