21 thoughts on “Y3 communities

  1. 1.if someone was doing something you shouldn’t be doing what I’ll stay to them is “No, you’ll get in trouble by doing that!”
    2. To be kind and stopping other people
    3. To gain and be a citizen to all people around you.

  2. 1.If someone steels something I would say put that back.
    2.We have the right to learn and have fun.
    3.To be a good citizen and gain.
    By Abdullah An,Sabah and Esha

  3. 1: by picking up litter if someone doesn’t then you tell them that you have thrown litter ;
    2: for being kind
    3: we listen to our teacher and be a good role model

  4. 1.I can pickup litter,respect and get newspaper to sell.
    2.If someone threw litter on the floor you should pick it up and put it in the bin and tell them
    3.you have a right to learn at school.

    Aayan and Arina

  5. We can help the community by picking litter and help the elderly.
    We get the right to follow rules,play,learn and help people.
    We get the role to learn and listen to the teachers.

    Saanvi and Saira

  6. 1.If you see someone doing a bad thing tell them to stop
    2. We can follow the rule
    2. Stop look and listen what asked to do so
    3. To respect and care for all things
    Bye Bayleigh and Laylah

  7. 1. We can help old people in the church ⛪ every morning and afternoons.
    2. To follow the school rules.
    3. Citizens of the week’ if blind people don’t know were they are going you help them.

  8. How could you help in your local community?
    picking litter up with a litter picker or with gloves
    By helping each other with opening the door in a shop
    What right do you have in the school community?
    To follow the school rules to have an opinion
    To make good choice
    What roles do you have in the school community?
    School councillors

  9. 1. I would help my local community by helping them.
    2. We have the right to help people when they fall or when they get hurt.
    3. We have kindness and we have respect.

  10. 1.We can help the community by following the school Rules. When I’m outside of school, I can hold the door open for others and not drop litter.
    2.The Rights that we have are to give my opinion and choose a child for Broad Heath Weekly.
    3.I have a role for tidying my table box and following the school rules.

  11. 1.you can pick up litter
    You can tell people if someone did something bad to there propities
    2.to learn
    To gain
    To have fun
    3.To help people

  12. We could help by picking up litter. We raised money got a Guide Dogs.
    We have the right to feel safe and learn.
    Our role is to be a good Broad Heath citizen.
    Marley, Tymon and Raees

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