Y3 English Home Learning – 30th June 2020

Well done for yesterdays work.

Today we will be making progress by editing and improving a section of writing.

What does it mean to edit and improve?

Editing and improving involves correcting errors, spelling mistakes, and making general improvements from your ‘Next Steps.’

Can you edit and improve this paragraph? Re-write the whole paragraph correctly.

paddington and Mr gruber got off the bus. They saw the beatiful parc and felt happy. Paddington said lets get a closer look off the palace. The place was glorious and stretched out across the royal parc Paddington could feel the soft grass beneath his feet and the royal bad began to march around him .

113 thoughts on “Y3 English Home Learning – 30th June 2020

  1. Paddington and Mr Gruber skipped of the bus happily . They saw a magnificent park and they felt joyfull, Paddington said confidently
    ” Let’s get a closer look at the palace!.” The royal park was glorious
    As Paddington stretched out across the royal park. Paddington could feel the prickly grass among his soft warm feet as the royal guards marched across them.

  2. panington and mr grub came of the bus happily and they saw a beautiful park and panington said lets go closer to the palace so they went closer to the huge magnnifacant palace.mr grub said do you want to see other famous landmarks in the UK so they wet toothier UK famous landmarks while the great big hot sun facing at them while walking side to side happily as after paying ton went to the royal place his feet touching the green grass while the royal people were walking around like boulders staying quiet

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