Y3 English Home Learning – Friday 17th July

It is our last day in year 3.

Yes it is a sad time however, just think of all the lovely, fanstatic times you had in year 3.

With this in mind create a poster to remind you of your time in year 3.

Use as many colours as possible and use expanded noun phases to describe each memory.

For example –

  • Joyful, creative Roman Day
  • Perfect, happy Peter Pan day
  • pencil, inspiring lion drawings
  • Fun, exciting trip to Conkers

Send us a photo and place them in your room to remember your year.

Have a fantastic summer holidays everyone, we will see you all in September!


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  1. I made one of my my describes squished so I did it at the top when I was writing it did not have space to a full stop then I did on the next line then I skipped that line because I could not write sentence there. I was doing a describe but it got squished so I did another one at the top of it but it go squished so I did not do it because I tried but it got squished.