Y3 Entrepreneur Week 2020

This week, it is Entrepreneur Week. From tomorrow, your home learning will be based around the idea of setting up a sandwich business. You will have to design logos, products, think about prices and how you are going to market your product.

Now, there are a lot of new words there so let’s look at the definitions of those words (definition: what a word means).

Entrepreneur: a person who sets up a business.
Business: a way of selling things to make money.
Logo: a picture which represents a business or group of people. (The BH logo is on your school jumper)
Product: Something a business sells to make money.
Market: how a business chooses to advertise (encourage people to buy) their products.

48 thoughts on “Y3 Entrepreneur Week 2020

  1. In my takeaway i would sell twill he most popular food. I will do a survey before i start my business. So, i have a idea which food people likes the most. I will prefer people choice under their diet plan.

  2. In my sandwhich I would have cheese, chicken, lettuce, cucumber, and butter and it will turn into a nice healthy sandwhich because if you put the chicken in you will have fat and with half of it would be healthy with the vegetables because of the salad in it.

  3. In my sandwich shop l started looking at menu.

    1- turkey breast , slice cheese, mayo sandwich.
    2- salami , slice cheese, mayo, salad cream, salad, sandwich.
    3- cheese and onion sandwich.
    4- cheese and salad, mayo, with tortilla chips.

  4. Good morning
    hope you all are well and safe.
    This week homework sounds interesting.
    The word entrepreneur is very tricky and a little difficult to say but i am practising it.

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