73 thoughts on “Y3- Stories. 18.05.20

  1. 1. My favourite story is wrestling because loads of animals compete to live with the prince.
    2. I predict that the woodcutter will take the lion to the doctor’s to put brain in the lion.

  2. I liked the Brainless story because the loin is strong character everyone respects him… The lion will eat other animals brains because he nasty and hungry.

  3. My favourite story is Wrestling. The cat got to fight with a hyena and he put him on his back, in doing so the hyena became exhausted and rolled and fell asleep, this is how the cat got to stay with the prince.
    I predict the lion will eat the woodcutter and rip him into lots of pieces for dinner.

  4. My favorite part of the story is the wrestling because the prince had to decide which animal will live with him.

    I predict that the lion would come and attack the prince then all the animals will run away.

  5. My favourite story was the wrestling story.
    I think the lion will eat the woodcutter 🦁 a bit like red riding hood with the wolf and grandma.

  6. Year 3 stories

    My favourite out of the four stories is wrestling because the princes had to choose one of the animals that could live with him. So the animals decided to wrestle each other and after few matches, the final two were left, were hyena and the cat. There match was so intense and funny, that the hyena throw the cat up into the air and each time she would land on her feet, it made the hyena tired and she fell asleep and rolled onto her back, this meant that the cat was the winner, so could now live with the princes.

    I think the ending of the brainless story, would be like this, the woodcutter will be eaten up by the lion because he was lazy and not clever, because he wanted to get home really quick and took the short route, while the wood cutter companion was smart and clever and took the longer route because he knew that lion might cause trouble or be up to something.

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