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Y4 – Thursday 9th July – English – Home Learning

As you are coming to the end of Year 4, it is time to revise the grammar expectations for children in Year 3 and 4. You will have been taught lots during the 2 years and now you need to recall all your knowledge.

Bronze: To revise the grammar and punctuation expectations from Year 2.

Silver: To revise the grammar terminology for Years 3 and 4.

83 responses to “Y4 – Thursday 9th July – English – Home Learning”

  1. Hamza A.


  2. Muhammad S.

    It didn’t work

  3. Mikolaj P.

    I have done it

    1. Mrs Diaz

      Great Mikolaj, don’t forget to send it in.

  4. Roma M.

    I will try it

  5. Saffiyah K.

    I have done it

  6. Rahima D.

    I have donever it

    1. Rahima D.

      I have done it

  7. Sammi S.

    I have done it

  8. Asilah K.

    OK i will tell you when I’m done.

  9. Rajbir B.

    I have done it.

  10. Musab H.

    i have done lbq

  11. Bijan N.

    Lbq did not work

  12. Bijan N.

    LBD did not work

  13. Bayleigh M.

    It keeps putting me on the different number and I have not done all the questions and it’s saying you have finished all the questions and I can not do any more questions.

  14. Rasan M.

    I have done learning by questions.

  15. Bethany M.

    It keeps messing up lbq is but I will do as much questions as I can 😀

  16. Muhammed A.

    Miss when I go on the task it takes me on a question above one.

  17. Aamina B.

    I will do this tasks!
    And revise as much as I can:)

    1. Miss Nahar

      Can you tell me when do you use an inverted comma in a sentence?

    1. Miss Nahar

      Can you tell me when do you use a colon in your writing?

  18. Abdirahman D.

    Lbq doesn’t work

    1. Miss Nahar

      Refresh the page and try again.It should work then.

  19. Harris B.

    I am done

  20. Raihaan N.

    I have done this but the internet never let me finish.

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