Y5 English (Medusa) Home Learning 24.06.21

What features can you see below?
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Main task:
Create a wanted poster all about Medusa!

Who is she?
Why is she wanted?
Was she always evil?
How would you describe her?

Kiddle Research
Britannica- Medusa
BBC Bitesize- Medusa


hideous revenge vengeful evil stone statues a glare
snakes hissing spiteful manipulative
admiring self-absorbed gloating boastful

Please upload completed wanted poster on the Myths & Legends sharepoint

90 thoughts on “Y5 English (Medusa) Home Learning 24.06.21

  1. Good afternoon Mrs Ahmed, I have done the work and I have sent it to the share point. I liked doing the poster about medusa and writting some facts about her.

  2. Mini Task
    The features I see that are in the wanted poster consist of the following:
    A title
    multiple paragraphs
    Different forms of punctuation
    Description of Medusa
    Persuasive language
    Specifying (like what she’s wanted for)
    And what she is wanted for
    Main Task
    —————————WANTED FOR 50,000 DRACHMA———————–
    ————————————DEAD OR ALIVE————————————-
    ——————————-MEDUSA THE GORGON——————————-
    Medusa is a gorgon with snake hair, with the ability to look you in your eyes and turn all flesh on a body into stone in whatever position you stood in, all because IT was cursed from the goddess of war, handicraft and practical reason ATHENA or ATHENE. All because Medusa broke her vow of celibacy. She turned Medusa into a hideous hag.

  3. The features I can see are:
    Key information
    Persuade language.

  4. Medusa
    Alive or maybe dead
    She has killed 30 people and 8 attacks
    She has left her parents
    She has 2 brothers but she killed them already
    She is very depressed
    If you find her you will be reward 10,000

    • Thanks Muhammad, I believe you were asked to create a wanted poster with full sentences and an example has been provided.

      The above aren’t even sentences- we all know you can do so much more than this.

  5. The features I can see are:
    Key information
    Persuade language
    ( will send on Sharepoint soon)

    • Absi, can you please send your poster in via the share point. Also you should have joined the zoom call at 10 and now at 11 as you were told. Please make sure you join the 11 one now.

    • Abdirahman, please check your spellings when typing. Features and Title. How would people know what Medusa looks like? Please send your poster via share point.

  6. Starter:
    -Bold title
    -Descriptive language
    Expanded noun phrases
    -5 senses (see,hear,smell,taste,touch)
    -Direct Speech

  7. Medusa will be fun to research. In GOW hercules was known to had defeated medusa.
    But then muses was revived and kratos finished him off. I will send my full POster

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