Y5 Home learning (07.07.21)

This morning you completed transition morning learning.
The afternoon’s work is shared below:

Maths- To divide with remainders
(Please upload on Sharepoint)

WATCH and PAUSE the video to complete the tasks set. – All work in books.

LBQ practise:

Practise Dividing a 3-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number With Remainders (Short Division)
LBQ code: TTJY

History- Ancient Greeks
(Please upload work on sharepoint)

To understand the impact Ancient Greek politics had on the modern world

Does Athenian democracy resemble any part of British democracy?
Extension: What about democracy in the Victorian era?

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  1. My Lbq is currently not working and it jumped me to question 15 then it’s reversing I’m trying to type the answer but my keyboard won’t respond
    I will send my Ancient Greek politics work to sharepoint

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