Y5 Home Learning 08.07.21

Good morning everyone who is isolating!
I hope you are well, please complete the two sessions below in best!

Identify Different Tenses of the Perfect Verb Form

Division Word Problems

Zain- LBQ MATHS (Task 2)

Lisa/Raees- LBQ MATHS (Education City)




Greater Depth

R/U: Write the question (Highlight key words)
C: Draw a bar model
S: Show your method
A/C: Use the inverse to prove your answer
Please upload to sharepoint

Design & Technology

Create a Greek Monument using recyclable materials around the house, paper, rolls, card, material etc.
(IF you have no recyclable materials at home you may use your sketching skills to continue with your sculpture drawing from last week)

Citizen of the Week!

73 thoughts on “Y5 Home Learning 08.07.21

  1. I did the LBQ and my Greek appear thing is keep collapsing and I got a little angry that I decided to just rip everything and the paper too

    • Well done for trying your best Steven. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, this is part of life. You can try and do it later this week, perhaps the weekend? Remember that perseverance is the key! Never give up Steven!

    • Well done Safwan! You did really well on your LBQ!

      Before you do today’s maths, have a go at the LBQ task 2 as a refresher for division.

      Keep working hard : )

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