Year 5 Euro 2021 Celebrations

Today we are celebrating the epic success of the England Football Team!
A football fan or not this moment is huge for our country and Wednesday night came with floods of celebrations across the nation!

FIFTY-FIVE YEARS since we have played in the final!
Today those who are in school and those who are isolating will work from the blog below.

History of Football
(Answer on blog)

Complete the pop quiz below- you may use the internet or books to answer the questions!

Why is this final such a big deal for us? (For many it’s a first in a lifetime)/ Quiz

Q: What is the furthest England have ever gotten in the Euros?

Q: England and Ukraine have played each other seven times before, but how many of those games did England win?

Q: Who is England’s top goal-scorer so far in this tournament?

Q: England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford currently plays for which club?

Q: Which country did Jack Grealish represent at youth level?

Q: Who has scored the most goals for England in their Euros history?

Q: What position did Gareth Southgate play in for England?

Q: England made it to the quarter-finals in 2004, but which team knocked them out after a penalty shoot-out?

Research- The England Football team!
(Present as you wish- Upload to Sharepoint)

What a unique team! This football squad will be known for decades to come! Known for their teamwork, resilience and getting England as far as the final. So it is really important that you know who they are? What team do they play for? What does each player brings to the team?

Below are a range of websites and documents to help you learn about the England Football team!

Euro 2020 Website

England Football Squad

Challenge: How can footballers successfully swap their allegiances from club to country?
(What is the impact of this on the nations supporters)

PSHE: Values of sportsmanship
(Present as you wish- use Pic Collage)
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Vocabulary to use: empathy/ respect/ resilience/ encouragement/ pride/ care

Challenge: What is the best strategy for coping with winning and losing?

P.E. Football skills to practice
(Upload photos and videos on sharepoint)

Grab a football or any round ball and practice the drills below.

Art: Create a celebration banner
(Showcase your banner with your family on Sunday- y5upload email)

Create a banner in preparation for the game on Sunday!
Please email us photos on the y5upload so we can see you using your banner whilst watching the game with your families!
(Your banner can include motivational quotes/ Values/ Key logos and images)

73 thoughts on “Year 5 Euro 2021 Celebrations

  1. Q1 The furthest they have gotten is to the final.
    Q2 they have played 8 times and England won 5 times.
    Q3 Harry kane with 4 goals.
    Q4 he plays for Everton.
    Q5 He played for Rebublic of Ireland.
    Q6 Rooney has scored the most.
    Q7 He played for Center back and midfielder.
    Q8 Portugal beat them

  2. History of Football:
    Q1) In 1996, England reached the semi-final but lost to Germany on penalties when Gareth Southgate missed his spot-kick.
    Q2) England won 4 out off the 7 games they played against Ukraine.
    Q3) Raheem Sterling is probably one of the best players.
    Q4) Jack Pickford is for the Everton team.
    Q5) Cristiano Ronaldo has scored the most goals with 14.
    Q6) Jack Pickford’s position is Midfielder/Defender.
    Q7) They lost the 2004 Quarter finals to Portugal.

  3. England has gone in 2 semi-finals(1968 & 1996) and one final in 2020 present day.
    They have met seven times but England won 4 of the meetups Ukraine won got 3
    It is Harry Kane with 4 goals.
    He plays for Everton.
    Jack Grealish has played for the Republic of Ireland.
    it is Wayne Rooney
    He played midfield and Center back.
    They lost the 2004 Quater finals to Portugal.

  4. 1. In 1996 England reached the semi-final when they host euro 1996.
    2. 6 Time England won and Ukraine won 1 time.
    3. With four goals in the tournament, not only is Kare level with Gary linker for major tournaments goals.
    4. Jordan lee Pickford (ne’ Lagan barn 7 March 1994) is an England professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for premier league club Everton and the England national team.
    5. While playing in I rish youth teams, England were know to have been pursling him, even naming him in their under.
    6. Christians Ronaldo goals score is 14 goals.
    7. Gareth Southgate OBE ( born 3 September 1970) is an England football manager and former player.
    8. However, England were knocked out in the first quarter final by Portugal during a penalty shoot-out . England had opened the score after only two minutes of the game with a goal from Michael Owen.

  5. 1) Semi finals
    2)4 times
    3)Raheem Sterling/Harry Kane
    5) Republic of Ireland
    6) Midfielder Defender
    I will send the other piece to the Share Point.

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