Hello Year 5! In our Rivers unit next week we will be learning about how changes in the water cycle impact a river’s formation. On Friday you will have a fun and interesting opportunity to learn about the water cycle and our Sewage system.

Year 5 have been invited to a live Sewer session by Severn Trent on Friday @1:00pm.


Once you have clicked the link above if you then click try to reconnect. you can add our class details and join the live video.

What do you already know about the sewer system?

23 responses to “Y5 Live Severn Trent Assembly 1pm today”

  1. Sabah S.

    Sorry I did not attend I forgot.

  2. Arina A.

    It didn’t work

  3. Reece T.

    its not letting me join

    1. Miss Holland

      Please try again, clicking ‘Join live screen’, you will be then asked to add your name, class name and number of students in your class (30).

  4. Rasan M.

    I don’t understand how to get into the live stream

    1. Mrs Ahmed

      When you go on the link above. Click ‘Join live stream’

      Write your:
      First name
      Class name
      Number: 30

      1. Rasan M.

        Ok thanks

  5. Saanvi S.

    miss the link does not work

    1. Mrs Masters

      We are just trying to sort it now.
      Please keep trying

  6. Bayleigh M.

    This seems very fun

  7. Elyas S.

    What is the password and ID?

    1. Mrs Masters

      It will be posted with a link later.

  8. Elyas S.

    What is the password and ID.

    1. Mrs Masters

      It will be posted with a link later.

  9. Reece T.

    i will try to join

  10. Alina B.

    Is this going to be a zoom meeting?

  11. Rasan M.

    I will be there

  12. Bethany M.

    sounds fun
    What i know about sewers is that they stink and that rats and bugs live there

  13. Oliwier J.

    Thank You For Telling Us About This

  14. Qasim K.

    Can’t wait to go on friday it will be interesting.

  15. Saffiyah K.

    I will try my best to attend. It seems very interesting.

  16. Aamina B.

    Thank you.

  17. Elyas S.

    I will make sure to be there.

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