Y6 🌞Yellow Group Work 🌞

Hi Year 6 I hope you are all safe and well and had a fantastic weekend enjoying the sun. As you are aware every week I set you work and very few of you complete this. We have mentioned this in telephone consultations and blogged you to tell you that work is back on and that you must complete all work set for you. Please could ALL the children mentioned in the list below complete the following work. All work must be completed on the blog so we can see what you are doing and support you where you are going wrong. Work must be completed by the end of the week. If you are completing it, I will set you new work to do. Also feedback will be given so could you please read everyday and respond to feedback. If you are asked to go back and redo work please do. Thank you

6 White : Jack, Leica, Jacey, Hamza, Uday, Cosmina, Muad, Layla, Umarr, Xamsa, Amelia (Anyone who would like to have a go)

6 Blue: Omar B, Ayaan, Amelia H, Sofia, Jessica, Yahya, Rahma, Ayeza, Gerry, Elena, Azaan

6 Red: Umaiyah, Sunnaf, Shree, Leena

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  1. Maths:
    1:She is wrong because acute angles can only be up to 90° and he stated that it was 130.
    3:Alex Is describing a icololies triangle since 70 70 and 40 makes 180.
    Mo is also describing a icololies triangle with 45 45 and 90 making 190.
    Ava is describing a icololies triangle aswell as 60 60 and 60 makes 180
    4:100 less than 200,000 is 199,999
    He is this thinking of 24 as 25% of 100 is 24.
    She has shaded 14 as divided 18 by 9 (2) and multiplied my answer by 7 (14)

  2. Alex is wrong because it is acute angle and acute angles are smaller than 90 degrees.
    All triangles are isosceles as they have at least 2 equal angles.
    Lucy Shaded 9 more squares.
    1. distracted
    2. strawberry
    3. false, true, true, false
    4. “Your usual, is it Mr Oakly?” – That suggest that Mr Oakly is a regular customer at newsagent’s.
    5. Willie ‘panicked’ because he has never been asked to choose.
    6. I think it wont be easy for Willie to choose a comic because he is not use to choosing things.
    7. To describe how many choices there was and how hard it could be to choose especially for Willie.
    8.It describes how Willie talks and his emotions when he was at the shop.
    9. “…to fall back exhausted into a chaotically dream-filled sleep.”
    10. They travel through country side at the beginning. There’s fields of corn, bees flying, quiet. When they get to the town green bits are changed into buildings and people.

    • Well done Amelia. You have worked really hard.
      Question 1, What did Alex do wrong. You are correct but you haven’t told me what she did wrong.
      Question 2, correct
      Question 3, you didn’t answer
      Problems of the Day
      All correct, super :)
      All correct Amelia, Excellent work. Keep it up. You have read and understood the questions with appropriate answers. Super :) :)

  3. 1. Alex is wrong because if it were more than 130 degrees the angle would be wider, however the true angle is 50 degrees.

    2. False

    3. Eva: Equllateral Mo: Right Angle Alex: Acute Angle

    • Hi Uday, good to see you finally on the blog. You have missed quite a bit of work from previous weeks.
      Question 1 is correct but what did Ales do wrong
      Question 2 is correct. can you give me examples
      Question 3 is correct but for Mo and Alex- what type of triangle is it?
      Please continue to do the work that is set for you. Well done

  4. 1. Alex has done wrong because the number is bigger then 90 Degree < 130 Degree so the angle will be bigger than the 90 Degree.
    2. True because it mite be sometime the all triangle don’t have all corners like 45+45+90=180 and sometime of the triangle have a all corners same like 60+60+60=180.
    3. Because when we add the number together like 70+70+40=180 Degree so the angle will be of a triangle.
    (Problems of the day 2020)
    1. 20600,100
    2. 24
    3. 2

    • Well done Shree for trying to answer the questions. Look at question two and three again. For question two you need to explain what an acute angle is and that we already know that all angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees. So can a triangle have three acute angles?

    • So what has Alex actually done in question 1 Shree?
      For question 2 check again. It is asking you to give examples. Also check your spelling, it is ‘might’ not ‘mite’
      For question 3 it asking you what type of triangle is each person describing. Think about all your different types of triangles.
      Problem of the day.
      Question 1 is wrong
      Question 2 partly right, 24 is correct there is some more work to it
      Question 3 is wrong. How do we work out how many parts to shade in a shape. You count how many squares are there in the rectangle (18) you then divide that number by the denominator and then times that by the numerator. Don’t forget some of the squares have been shaded so include them too. Well done for trying. Please have another go.

  5. 1. Alex is wrong because she has not measured it using a protracter whereas she has guessed and looked at the shape.I think the angle shape is 60 degrees.

    2. True because when I figured and thought what the shape would look like I knew it wouldn’t stick together and it would be out of shape.

    3. I think Eva is describing a normal triangle because she said that her shape has equally sides.I think Mo is thinking of an isosceles triangle because his degrees go from low to high whereas the sides are small and the top is big.I think Alex is describing a scammer triangle because when I figured it out it turned out to go from big to small.

      • Well done Umaiyah. For question if you have measured it at 60 degrees. What is that type of angle called?
        Why is question 2 True. Read it again Can you give me an example?
        For question 3: you have got Mo right, it is an isosceles triangle but what type. Try the other two again

    • Umaiyah have look at the maths questions again. Re-read the questions carefully. For the first question use your maths knowledge on angles to help you answer the question. Remember that acute angles are less than 90 degrees. Right angles are equal to 90 degrees and obtuse angles are more than 90 degrees. Use these information to help you answer the question.

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